The Church of Virgin Mary Assumption in Pruzhany

All of us know that there are a lot of sights in our country. One of them is located in a small town in Brest region, which is situated on the river Mukhavets. We are speaking now about the town with a tough history.

Unfortunately, there are few sights in this small town. Probably, these are the consequences of the Uprising 1863, two World Wars and other military conflicts, which devastated this land at different times. But The Church of Virgin Mary Assumption can be singled out of the remained, who is spoken about; besides Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, chapel and the town estate can also be mentioned.

The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary belongs to the catholic denomination and that’s why it is named as a “temple” in many sources. As it found out, the first mention about the church in Pruzhany was in 1522. At that time there was little information about it: the church was small in size and made of wood. Later, to the middle of the XIX the building extension was planned by means of a new building, as the number of parishioners had grown considerably. The well-known Italian architect Enrico Marconi, who worked in Poland, was asked for that. But due to the beginning of the Uprising in 1863, that reinforced the negative attitude of the Tzar Russia (Russian Empire) to the Catholic Church even more, the unfinished church in Pruzhany, along with many other catholic parishes, overtook the expected fate: it was passed to the Orthodox Church patronage. This building didn’t overcome the Great Patriotic War consequences and was destroyed. It wasn’t restored. The old building was also destroyed during the Uprising and the Catholics in Pruzhany were bereft of their religious place. However, in 1877 local parishioners-catholics attained to the catholic parish was built in the town.  

 The building started in 1878 and lasted up to 1883. It is interesting that some restrictions, set by the authority were to be observed so to build that temple, otherwise the town and Catholics living therein would have left without a parish. For this very reason despite the fact that The Church of Virgin Mary Assumption was built in the architectural style, called neoclassicism, it doesn’t have any tower, because it shouldn’t have risen above other town’s buildings. The other architectural special feature of the church is its main facade. It is symmetrical and consists of two tiers. At the top the architects placed a triangular pediment on a rectangular attic.      

During the 1st World War the church was greatly damaged, but the Polish authorities reestablished it. The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary functioned in Pruzhany until 1948. Later, in 1951 the church’s building was reequipped for the local Place of Culture needs. Unfortunately, all of the interior decoration was destroyed. The building was returned to the believers only in 1991.   

The Church acquired its final modern view in 1998, after the major repairs had been done.