The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in the village of Krasnoe

The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in the village of Krasnoe


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The Church is located on Andriyakin Street, in the village of Krasnoe of Molodechno district, Minsk region. You can get here fr om Minsk by car on the highway P28 or by electric train, which goes to the town of Molodechno. Then you should get off on the station Usha named after the river of the same name wh ere the village is situated. It is also convenient to come here with a tour group, because this place is often included in tour routes, and sometimes it is much more interesting to travel to historical sites with a guide. Or you should learn the history in advance so you can not only watch the sights but also understand all the nuances.

Initially, in about 1500, the Catholics of the village of Krasnoe went to the Church of the neighboring village Pleban, but the wooden Church that was there burned down. A new building made of wood was constructed on its place and the church was consecrated in the name of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Then there was a long construction of a stone Church in Pleban. But in 1863 it was handed over to Orthodox believers. After the Edict of Religious Toleration published in 1905 the Catholics quickly received a permission to build a temple and raised the necessary funds. The church was built of brick in 1911. The construction was lasting during four years. The building is very interesting it was constructed in the neo-Gothic style. The name "Gothic" was invented as a joke by Italian critic in the Renaissance period, in France this style was called a Lancet one. So the Church is decorated with oblong lancet windows and niches. The skeleton of the construction as if drawn in details highlights the sharpness of the turrets. Above the main entrance there is a round rosette window allowing the internal space of the Church to obtain additional light.  A complex relief of grey roofs and three-tiered hipped belfry in the center of the facade make the ancient temple magnificent. The interior of the Church, a high ceiling, four massive columns and huge chandeliers, looks no less than majestic.

In 1921, the village of Krasnoe was handed over to the Republic of Poland and was used as a garrison manor of the military unit. During the Great Patriotic War, the village of Krasnoe had been under the German occupation since June 25, 1941. This place was liberated only on July 4, 1944. After the war the Church avoided the fate of many temples of those times, and in the times of the Soviet Union it also was not closed. The restoration took place in the church from 1988 to 1990.

In our days the Church regularly holds Catholic services, the Church has a website, Facebook page and email address. The Church is situated on a hill and clearly visible from almost anywhere in the village of Krasnoe. The Temple is especially beautiful against the background of soft colors of the sunset. When the darkening sky, from time to time flashing with colorful layers of Cirrus clouds, emphasizes the distinct shape of the temple, clearly highlighting its skyrocketing tower and a gable roof, the most vivid emotions are raging inside those who watch this spectacle.

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