The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in the Village Koptevka

In Belarus there are numerous historical and architectural attractions: these are Catholic and Orthodox sanctuaries, estate-park complexes and unique natural landscapes. For example, the “alive” ice relief “the mountain of hope” - the highest point in the whole Grodno region – enjoys a special attention. This hill is about 250 meters high and is the second largest mountain of the region so it is difficult not to notice it. On this site there is the ancient Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Unlike other churches this sanctuary presents a monument of the interwar Polish architecture while other churches were designed in the styles of Neo-Gothic and Art Nouveaux. The church is rather “young”: its construction was started in the 1930s. The senior priest Jan Hrabonscha conducted the construction of the church. However, the priest could not complete the construction quickly as he was arrested and soon died in the GULAG of Stalin. The church remained unfinished almost over 60 years and for a long time it served as a collective farm’s mill. In the late XX century it was agreed to restore it and finish the engineering works that lasted till the 2000s. 

This did not come about without donations of the local parishioners and the initiative of the priest Leshek Domogalov. It was decided to construct small chapels around the church. According to reports of the local people, in the middle of the XX century people passing by that place saw small lights. At the time it was agreed to construct again a church this is exactly what happened. Not only professional engineers but also countrymen worked over the construction of the modern church. So the locals show reverent attitude to this site.

Guests of Koptevka visiting the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary can see unique preserved things. For example, an icon the lighthouse of Prince Vitovt that was destroyed in Grodno and also stones taken fr om neglected Catholic cemeteries. Within the church there is an organ of 12 voices and the outside territory of the sanctuary is decorated with 52 chapels located along four walkways. Parishioners pay a special attention to improving the surrounding territory: here there are flowerbeds wh ere everything is clean and accurate.

 Immediately after the renovation of the church the priest Leshek brought here a unique miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Yasnogrusk. This event caused mass pilgrimage of people to the church. On great religious holidays the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary becomes a meeting point of pilgrims from Poland, Belarus and Lithuania. 

The site on which the church stands has some amazing qualities. “The mountain of hope” is popular among believers that suffer alcohol and drug dependence. It is thought that the hill has healing effects and can save from harmful habits. It is necessary to go through a special ritual: to leave a written promise to give up the bad habit in the book “Abstentions” kept inside the main alter. And, most likely, the miracle will happen. 

The church thanks to its position looks very effective and impressive. Two stone staircases lead to the church. You can find there not only spiritual peace but also you get calm, tune in to a positive mood thanks to walking around the improved territory.