St. Roch Church in the Village Shabuni

St. Roch Church in the Village Shabuni


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It is difficult to find a lot of information about the village Shabuni, which is located in the Minsk region. However, this Belarussian village is famous for its interesting and remarkable historical building which makes this place so special among other villages.

By the way, there are several villages with the same name in Belarus, moreover, they are located several kilometers fr om each other on the bank of the river Ptich. That’s why it is difficult to figure out to which one the Shabuni St. Roch Church belongs. But due to the written sources, it is possible to determine wh ere you should go in order to visit this Catholic church.

The St. Roch church is located in the village of the Pukhovichi district. The church was built in the early 19th century. Local people say that there was a dreadful outbreak of cholera in the village a long time ago, which took many people’s lives. Then the villagers decided to collect money and buy the image of St. Roch. This divine image was put on the altar of the chapel, a real miracle happened – cholera began to go away.

The Catholic community in the village Shabuni exists since the 18th century. At the same time, in 1796, a wooden church was built in the east near the village. A carved date of the church construction can be seen on its porch beam, which has been a relic for a long time. Some time later, a local cemetery appeared near the church. However, local people tell a legend that at first the cemetery appeared and then the church was built. As you see, it is hard to say for sure.

In 1829, it was decided to rebuild the wooden church, but the date on the porch beam was preserved. Thirty years later, the church was reconstructed again due to contributions of duke Wittgenstein – the owner of these lands at that time. The church was called a chapel because of its small size, but after the construction in 1860, the building enlarged and became known as a church.

The last reconstruction of the church took place in 1920. Now the building represents a sanctuary of square shape and three-sided apse.

It features slate roofing and there is a small tower over the porch. The church does not represent any architectural style and is considered to be a good example of folk architecture.

Unfortunately, in the 20th century, many ancient sacred images were stolen and Catholics were subjected to repression. Only the frames of the 18th century are preserved.

Despite its small size and simple construction, in comparison with other ancient Belarusian catholic churches, many tourists come to the village Shabuni in order to see the St. Roch church. By the way, this church is one of few buildings built of wood, which is preserved nowadays in its original form.

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