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The Church of St. Casimir in Logoysk

The Church of St. Casimir in Logoysk


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The Church of St. Casimir is a modern reflection of the typical historical buildings in the neo gothic architecture style. The temple is located in the heart of Logoysk, Minsk region and passing by its building, it is impossible not to pay attention to such a modern church construction.

At the very beginning of the 17th  century in the distant 1609, the grandson of the founder of the magnate family Tyszkiewicz,  Aleksandr Yurevich decided to enter Catholicism, and in honor of this event he built the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Casimir in Logoysk. The church was built not far from the river Gaina on the hilly terrain. In its initial form, the temple was a small wooden building. During the century of its existence, the temple was destroyed and burned down twice, last time as a result of the Swedish invasion in 1706.

Three years after this tragic event, the church was rebuilt again. New building consisted of a single hall and was in the form of a cross. There were two towers there and two rabbet ledges with wood shingles. The exterior of the church was decorated with two towers on the front and in the center of the building, and one tower was located inside the building above the altar. The temple had a suspended ceiling, attached to the beam. The interior of the shrine was garnished with four decorated two-tier altars. There was a wooden two-tier belfry not far from the building, covered with shingle. For several centuries a hospital, a school and the Brotherhood of Jesus Christ had been functioning there.

In April 1787, the general and count Tyszkiewicz ordered about the construction of a new church building made of stone. His son Vikenty completed these plans. So, in 1793, a new building in classicism style was consecrated as the Church of St. Casimir. The new building was partially similar to the old one. The same year a chapel, not far from the church on the territory of the Logoisk cemetery, was erected.
The temple had been existed for more than half a century. In the early 20th century, the territory of the shrine was surrounded by stone walls with unique gate made of brick. Here, on the right side, two-span stone bell tower was embedded. By the way, by that time there were approximately more than 5,000 believers in Logoysk district. The church was a shelter for all believers till the middle of the 20th century. Then it was decided to close and take it to pieces. The same happened to the chapel, located on the local cemetery.

Local people didn’t like the absence of their own temple, so they were trying to get permission to build a new religious institution. And fortunately, they succeeded. In 1999 a new church building was completed, and it acquired the title of St. Casimir. Today it is a small in size brick building with neat transept and two chapels near the altar. Near the entrance, to the left, you can see a small bell tower.

There is even such information that while laying the foundation of a modern temple building in 1991, granite slab from the preceding church was laid in its base. The words, spoken by one of the worshippers during the consecration of the church in 1796 are written on this plate.

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, Logoisk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 47 km

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