The Church of St. Anthony in the agro-town of Knyazhitsy
The first church, built in Knyazhitsy in 1681, was wooden. The Cornet of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Vladislav Pats allocated funds for the foundation of a Dominican monastery in the Principalities. In the middle of the XVIII century. the parish received significant donations from the descendants of the Krukovsky gentry. In 1750, the construction of a new stone temple with a height of 15 m began . In 1780, the church was consecrated in honor of St. Anthony, but construction work in the monastery was carried out for another 11 years and was completed only in 1791. The temple was built in the style of the Vilna Baroque, rectangular, the main facade was divided horizontally by powerful cornices, vertically by pilasters and arched niches into three parts. On the sides of the main facade there are walls with arched openings that form a front courtyard before entering the temple.

In 1832 the monastery was abolished, in 1863 the Church of St. Anthony was closed and until 1872 it was converted into the Orthodox church of Alexander Nevsky. As a result, a pseudo dome and three "bulbous" small domes were built over the church above the main facade of the building. Until 1965, the church hosted parishioners, and after that it was closed.