The Church of St. Alexey in Selets village

Various historical and architectural monuments are situated in the territory of apparently endless Belarus that is praised by famous Belarusian poets in verses as “blue-eyed beauty” and “land under white wings”. It is not surprising as over the history of its development, Belarus has suffered many changes and tragic events. Belarusian churches are among the most unique monuments that have survived up to now.

Catholic churches have got a special rare beauty in the territory of the country for several centuries of the existence of Christianity. The plexus of different styles and the influence of fashion trends of different ages made every church truly unique. At all times, our country has been multi-religious: today there are Orthodox temples, and Islamic mosques, and Jewish synagogues. At the same time, the Belarusians stand out for special tolerance and latitude in religion. These structures make every even the smallest Belarusian area cult and add them a special local color.

The Church of St. Alexey in Selets village is also of great interest for those who are curious about Belarusian ancient architecture and history. This sanctuary was constructed in 1912 and presents one of the main masterpieces of the Belarusian folk architecture. By the way, before the X century, all religious structures were only wooden and only by the early XI century there had begun an active construction of brick buildings. Ten years later, stone architecture had got typical features and forms that can be seen in the church in Selets.

The church presents an example of Neo-Gothic architecture. The Church of St. Alexey is squat; the main entry is majestically decorated with a tower. It is worth noticing that Neo-Gothic style was popular in construction of religious institutions in the XIX century whereas the church was built in Selets in the early XX century.

When you look at the building, it gives the impression of height and also some lightness of the whole architectural composition of the church. It looks very strict and delicate. Despite its small sizes, the Catholic sanctuary of Selets village impresses even the most experienced tourists by its beauty. Above the entry into the church, there are three high arched narrow windows – another typical element of Neo-Gothic. On sunny days within the church, there is a pleasant favorable atmosphere as if God looks through the windows into the church and blesses everyone who came.

Today the church along with its fence looks a little shabby and time-worn; however, it does not spoil the external appearance and impression by the whole composition. The countrymen are proud that there is still the church in their village. It served as a refuge for Catholics as early as in the early XX century. You can often meet there people who improve the surrounding territory of the church with their own efforts. Of course, the building of the church requires repairs, but the local residents cannot afford it at the moment as Selets village is a small Belarusian remote place. But still the Church of St. Alexey is worth visiting!