the Church of the Heart of Christ in Slobodsk

the Church of the Heart of Christ in Slobodsk


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The agro-town Slobodsk is situated in the Braslav district of the Vitebsk region of the Republic of Belarus; it is a center of Slobodsk village council. This agro-town is located in quite a picturesque place between lakes called the Poteh, Nedrovo and Ilmyonok.

The gem of this location is a sharply light building whose facade is drawn to the main square of the town. The Church of the Heart of Christ in Slobodsk has the richest historical background, and has been bringing joy to the residents as well as visitors of this wonderful town for over one hundred years. The construction of this sanctuary was started in 1901 on the site of the former church that was built by the nobly family of the Mirskies. Five years later the construction was finished, and the Church of the Heart of Christ opened its doors to parishioners.

The architecture of this church intricately combines Gothic and Roman styles. Interestingly, during the construction there appeared some problems works in the high towers. Horses that carried building materials to the top were terrified of height. So, in order to finish the construction it was necessary to engineer special floorings for horses, on which the pour animals had to walk with their eyes blindfolded.

The frontage of the sanctuary is designed in traditional for Belarus style. It, as many other religious structures, has two high towers crowned with a pointed apex with gold plated crosses.

It is worth paying attention to the interior of the sanctuary whose main decoration, of course, is presented by altars scattered by precious gems. The walls of the church also deserve special attention; they are painted with biblical scenes of striking beauty. This splendor is added with stained glass windows that are beautifully iridescent in the sunlight. Coated with iron elements of the gates made in the form of flowers are of immediate cultural and historical value. Freakish windings of stalks with relief leaves and flowers symmetrically radiate from the main zone. Interestingly, shoes of the lateral gates don’t reword the composition of the central gates. The experts say that embossed work of the central entry is one of the brightest examples of the Belarusian smith craft.

The Church of the Heart of Christ in Slobodsk was restored twenty years ago. The interior of the church was considerably restored; however, the sanctuary has not lost its former majesty. And despite the fact that the Church of the Heart of Christ is over one hundred years, it still attract both traveller that prefer to rest near the picturesque Braslavsky lakes and pilgrims that come to this land to get closer to the holy springs and stay alone with nature.


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