Cathedral of the Holy Name of Mary in Minsk

Saint Virgin Mary’s Archcathedral of is one of the main Shrines of Catholicism in the Republic of Belarus. This Cathedral is the center of Roman Catholic religious denomination and is located in the heart of the historic center of Minsk, near the famous Town Hall.

The history of the one of the main temples of Minsk

The Cathedral was built by members of the Jesuit order in the mid-17thcentury. The construction of the Cathedral began with the building of the monastery, and thanks to donations of townspeople there was built a magnificent temple in just a few years. In 1710 it was consecrated in honor of Jesus, Virgin Mary and St. Barbara.

When the Jesuits order was abolished, the Cathedral turned into a parish one. After creation of the Minsk Roman Catholic diocese in 1798, the church became the local cathedral. It was consecrated in the name of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Many distinguished architects and artists worked on the design of the Cathedral. Frescos of vaults and walls of the Cathedral reflect biblical stories and the history of the Cathedral.  

Another reconstruction in the mid-19th century was made under the guidance of K. Khrishchanovich, who was one of the leading architects of Minsk at that time. When the diocese was closed, the Cathedral got a parafial Status, but it remained as the main shrine of Catholicism up to 1917.  Then the church again became the Cathedral for a short period of time. In 1934 the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary was closed. After the World War II, the building completely changed its form and function due to the post-war reconstruction of the city. A sports club was organized in the new building.

In 1993, after returning the Church to believers, the Cathedral was renovated and received the historic appearance. The restoration was carried out under the supervision of the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus with participation of the best Belarusian and Polish specialists. 1997 was the year of the ceremonial consecration of the renovated Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, where services began to be conducted again.

Architectural features of the Cathedral of Virgin Mary in Minsk

The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary is very attractive for residents and guests of the city and it is an architectural monument of Belarus. It is built in the Baroque style of the 18th century. The building does not overlook a bustling Avenue, but goes a little deep into the quarter, that creates some privacy. The main facade of the Cathedral is richly decorated. High towers have five tiers; they are adorned with semicircular niches, through apertures, vases and pilasters. The top of the towers is crowned with elegant domes. The sculpture of Saint Virgin Mary is placed in a niche of the shaped pediment over the central part of the facade.

The building of the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been considered one of the largest buildings in Minsk for several centuries. Ornate openwork towers of the Cathedral stood proudly over the city and served as the main high-rise landmark. The silhouette of the temple and its miniatures were depicted in the sketches and postcards. 

A visit to the Cathedral is included in the program of many sightseeing tours 

The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Minsk is one of the tourist sights, whose greatness can only be appreciated live. Go to one of the sightseeing tours around Minsk together with VETLIVA. You will see not only this magnificent Minsk temple, but also other, equally beautiful architectural monuments of the capital of Belarus.