Klichevsky Arboretum
The arboretum was founded in 2000 for the 200th anniversary of the Forest Department. The arboretum was created according to the project of BNTU graduates. Plants were planted here by zones – natural biogroups (this principle is still preserved). A pathway network was used in the landscape design. The park's plant collection started with 200 trees.

A hedge of 1,000 hawthorn and rosehip plants was created around the perimeter of the park. Today, more than 20 years later, a new generation of residents and visitors of the city is admiring the rich collection of exotic trees and shrubs created by forestry specialists.

On an area of almost 8 hectares, about 1,600 plants, 29 species of trees, 34 species of shrubs grow from different continents, including catalpa begonia native to southeastern North America, rough elm - from Central and Eastern Europe, weigela – from Primorye, spirea and forsythia – from Japan and China. Here is such a "planet in miniature"! Indeed, there is something to see in the arboretum. Flowering ornamental shrubs are planted along the borders: forsythia, veigela, jasmine, etc. Snow-white islands of spirea and bird cherry can be seen among the tender spring greenery. The lilac is fragrant, and there are a dozen kinds of it here.

There are collections of pine, maple, birch, willow and other trees in the park. Pine trees: Griffith thick-flowered, black, mountain, Crimean and others. They have different shapes and colors of cones, color and length, size and shape of needles. These pines are very beautiful. The delicate greenery attracts larch trees – the only coniferous trees that shed needles for the winter. And the larch is blooming. The flowers of different sexes are located on the same branch – red, pink, green. Male "inflorescences" secrete pollen, which is carried by the wind. After pollination, the flowers become buds, and then cones develop from them.

Every year the arboretum is replenished with new plantings. So, in April 2019, the Klichevlians laid the "Alley of Family Trees" here. And in autumn, forestry workers worked hard in the park – 60 new exotic trees were planted.

The new biography of the arboretum began quite recently, when its landscaping was completed. Now there are more than 2 kilometers of paths lined with paving slabs. The entrance group, sets of benches and urns perfectly fit into the landscape design.


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