Mikhail Savitsky’s Art Gallery in Minsk

Mikhail Savitsky’s Art Gallery in Minsk


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Mikhail Andreyevich Savitsky is one of the most famous Belarusian artists that left a rich cultural heritage. He was born in 1922 in the village of Zvenyachi, situated in the Tolochinsky district.

The overall number of his paintings is about 170. He was known in particular for “Partisan Madonna” painted in 1978, the series of “Figures on the Heart” (the artist worked over it in the period of 1974-1987), and “War Children”. All these pictures are dedicated to the Great Patriotic War that was close to Mikhail Savitsky, as he participated in the battles near Sevastopol and went through the concentration camps.

In the early 50-s the artist gained his education at Minsk school of art, after graduating he continued his education at Moscow Institute of Art.

On 1 March 2006 Mikhail Savitsky was awarded with the highest country reward for the development of Belarusian painting – the Hero of Belarus.

Today you can see the famous talented Belarusian’s works in the capital gallery, situated in the Liberty Square, 15. It was opened on 7 September 2012.

The building with the collection of his pictures presents an architectural monument of the XVIII century that belonged to the representatives of the Pshezdetsky family. Today the building is called the Town Mansion.

Mikhail Savitsky’s Art Gallery in Minsk is not only a gallery, but also a museum with the exhibition dedicated to the building itself. Thus, there you can get acquainted with the inner decoration of the large and small living rooms, study and library of the XVIII-XIX centuries.

The second part of the exhibition acquaints visitors with life and work of Mikhail Savitsky. There is his personal stuff, documents, photographs, books with autographs, and also artist’s numerous awards.

The greater part of pictures collected in the gallery was painted by the artist. There one can see his diploma project under the title “The Song”, and also enjoy his last work that remained incomplete. There are about a hundred of pictures in the gallery. Anyone can see some of the artist’s first pictures, created in the 60-s of the last century. There is also the series of works “Black Event” disclosing the details and consequences, also the feelings of those who suffered from Chernobyl nuclear accident. Besides, there are quite a number of pictures on the biblical subjects and other paintings.

All objects relating to Mikhail Savitsky’s life and work presented in the gallery are installed in 9 halls. There is the artist’s study that was reconstructed and his creative workshop.

It is not a coincidence that the Town Mansion was chosen as a reservoir for the gallery: at a certain period of time Mikhail Savitsky worked there and wanted to exhibit his works just there.

Mikhail Savitsky’s Art Gallery in Minsk is a venue for temporary exhibitions displaying works of different artists; artistic meetings and other metropolitan cultural event are held there.


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