The temple in honor of the resurrection of Lazarus- the- Fourth-Day in Minsk

The temple in honor of the resurrection of Lazarus- the- Fourth-Day in Minsk


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A new Temple - white, bright, classic – was consecrated in honor of St. Lazarus the- Fourth-Day in 2005. The Church was built in the sacred place that gives it and everything that is associated with it a special spiritual meaning.

The Northern cemetery of Minsk is situated next to St Elisabeth convent. The monastery was named after the Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth. The only crematorium, columbarium in Minsk were built there in 1986, more than one hundred thousand people are buried there.

A mental hospital for adults is located nearby. The Holy sisters consider their duty to care for the sick and the afflicted of this medical institution. They also initiated the construction of the Church of Lazarus. The burial services, which are held here, are particularly touching.

According to the Holy Scripture, Lazarus had been dead for four days; his death spoke the grief in the hearts of his beloved ones. And Jesus Christ himself loved him and mourned him. He even deviated fr om his route because of Lazarus’ death. Then Jesus revived him, called his friend. And after that Lazarus had lived another 30 years.

Icons and temples are dedicated to that event; the salvation of Lazarus is mentioned in the canonical decorations of the churches, in their symbols.

The Church of St. Lazarus in Minsk was being built for three years. Twice a week now, on Saturdays and Sundays, services take place there, where the lost and wounded souls can be healed, and one can pray there for the salvation of the souls of the dead. The figures of the Belarusian Orthodox Church do not bypass it in their visits; they visit the Temple and the monastery, serving the Liturgy and the memorial services.

According to the Christian doctrine, believers are not afraid of the death, trusting in the mercy of God. The construction of the temple in the place wh ere the focus of mourning only seems to be concentrated, confirms the basic doctrine - the eternal life, that overcomes the  death, like the light overcomes the darkness, everyone will be judged, but the righteous will be saved.

The great miracle of Lazarus’ reviving, which the Church is dedicated to, reinforces the faith; the details of the interior and exterior of the building make each and everyone of those present think. Paintings on the walls of the temple in the technique of frescoes on wet plaster were made according to the Byzantine canons and are dedicated to the Second coming of Christ and the Judgment  He is going to mete out. The frescoes in Constantinople (now Istanbul)  monastery Church of in the Choir served as a model. The art and the skill of the painter makes the parishioner stop, think, be filled with the thoughts of eternity and the salvation of his soul. A part of the painting in the conch of the altar depicts Christ holding out a hand in a General blessing.

Minsk is an eternally young city, but it did not leave the depth of its faith and Holiness in the distant past, considering it an archaism. New generations of devotees contribute to the spiritual development of their contemporaries, they build temples: white, bright, with their domes aspiring to the sky, to the Faith, Hope and Love.

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