Saint Alexander Nevsky Church in Vitebsk

Saint Alexander Nevsky Church in Vitebsk


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6 December is a special day in a church calendar. The whole Orthodox denomination recalls a famous miracle man, Alexander Nevski on this day, who was canonized in 1547. Alexander Yaroslavich Nevski is not just a legendary historical personality, but also a well-known Orthodox saint and a wonder-worker. Innumerable number of churches all over Belarus were honoured with his name, but we would like to dwell upon Vitebsk sanctuary, bearing the name of this renowned man.

Church’s origin

The church, bearing the name of a great military leader and a saint, cannot be called a historically significant construction, since it was erected a bit more than twenty years ago. However, it can be called architecturally and spiritually valuable structure – and even must be called.

The history of the church’s origin is directly connected with another church. In 1992 when Saint and Annunciation church construction was carrying out, believers had no place to pray. That is why they were to ask for any room, where services could be temporarily held. The clergy met the needs of the believers and made a decision to construct a simple wooden building, which should be the replacement of the main church till its construction would be over.

Soon the ruling bishop sanctified the site for building and in 1993 the church opened its doors for the parishioners. It became a part of Vitebsk diocese of the Belarusian Orthodox Church. The constructed building was sanctified by The Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’ Alexy II himself.

Features of Saint Alexander Nevsky Church in Vitebsk

Since the church was planned to be a temporary refuge for parishioners, it was erected not far from Saint and Annunciation Church. However, the uncommon architectural shape and popularity with believers allowed to recall the temporality status in 2010.

The Church is sticked to your memory at once. It resembles a guest from the past: the look of the cosy wooden churchlet spreads antiquity and solidity. Built under the direction of a talented architect E. Kolobovich, it is an interesting example of retrospective style with the Northern and Belarusian wooden architecture. The building is of two rectangular block houses. They are covered with a gable roof and completed with a hipped roof with an onion-shaped cupola. The general building design represents a tree-edged apse. Indoors the churchlet is as cosy and home-like as outdoors.

By the way, soon a monument to Alexander Nevsky is to established here according to the Vitebsk structure plan. Together with a wooden church, they will represent a miraculous memorial, being here so that the descendants could remember about the great man.

The Church, sanctified in honour of Alexander the Great will be liked not only by believers but also by those who are fond of interesting architecture. Besides, several attractions, which are worth visiting are located not far from it. For example, that Annunciation Church, the temple was a substitute for which one day.

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, Vitebsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 250 km
, Vitebsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 15 km

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