Church of the Transfiguration in Chashniki
The temple is built of brick, cruciform in shape. It consists of a central volume, side extensions, an apse, a narthex with choirs. The central volume completes a spherical dome on a massive light drum. Above the vestibule there is a cubic volume of the bell tower, cut from all sides by high semicircular openings. The main western facade is decorated with a four-column portico of the Doric order, the ends of the side extensions are completed with pediments. The walls are dissected by pilasters, cut through by rectangular window openings with semicircular sandricks. A cornice and a flat frieze run along the perimeter of the walls. The building is plastered. 

The interior is dominated by the central dome space. Adjacent to the main volume of the room with cylindrical arches is separated by arches. The interior of the church is decorated with paintings: images of Sabaoth on the throne and 12 apostles on the ceiling, evangelists in sails, the Epiphany scene at the altar, the Gospel cycle on the walls. The wall painting was restored in 1970. The ceiling remained untouched. His coloring stands out with a silvery color, correctly found scales of figures, a perspective perspective."

To this day, 5 old bells with high octaves of sound hang on the bell tower, they have personal signatures on metal made by master manufacturers, there are also small bells purchased in modern times.      

The largest was cast in 1889 and has the inscription: "In memory of the miraculous escape from the death of His Majesty on October 17, 1888" The second largest bell is dated May 15, 1792, made in Riga, the third is dated 1678. It is also cast in Riga. It is possible that this bell belonged to a monastery founded in Chashniki in 1664. It is difficult to even imagine that the melody of these bells was heard by residents of Chashniki and the surrounding area more than 300 years ago. The other 2 small bells have no inscriptions, but in the style of execution they resemble the bells that were cast in Riga.

It can be assumed that those bells were delivered to Chashniki via the Western Dvina–Ulla waterway.

The Transfiguration Church is still in operation today, its interior has been enriched with a beautiful iconostasis with wooden carvings of past times.

In 1992, the community was founded and a rector was appointed. The community belongs to the Vitebsk Diocese of the Belarusian Orthodox Church. The religious building is the property of the community.

Institution "District physical culture and sports club "Skina" 


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