Stone healer in the village of Padevichi
The legend testifies that in the times of the Covenant, a very beautiful and kind-hearted girl Rogneda lived here. A lot of guys were in love with her. And she loved the grain grower Svetlovida.
Once I heard about Rogneda richer than Duleb. As soon as I saw the girl, I said to myself, “she will be my wife!”
Rogneda refused Duleb, and he, so that she would not get married to Svetlovid, decided to bring a girl from the world. Rogneda had a rare gift-she was able to treat people and cattle. Potions, whispers, your tears. She took over this ability from her mother, who died a long time ago.
And now Duleba inspires Rogneda that she has turned into a bad sorceress, has become a witch. They burned Rogneda like a witch at the stake. However, soon people began to find miraculous boulders. Healing was the water that collected in their hole. She never froze-even in the most bitter frosts, and never dried out. And this, the legend claims, is not dew or water, but tears of Rogneda.
It is said that there were nine such stones with holes that were treated in the vicinity. However, we have found, so far, one here, under Padevichi.
Parents, great-grandfathers used it to get rid of warts and informed their descendants about it. To heal, you need the little fingers of your left hand, having soaked it in the water that is collected in the hole of the boulder, to anoint the wart three times. At the same time, it is also necessary to say three times: "as this is pure water, let my hand (back, leg, stomach ...) be clean.”. But you can be cured only after visiting the stone-healer three times.