Khotimsky District Museum of Local History

In the 1880s, there were several brick buildings in Khotimsk, and one of them belonged to Kamenev. But in 1929, this building was nationalized. Three years later, the district department of the NKVD and the police were located here. Until the 1990s, the former Kamnev house was used as an administrative institution. And then, in September 1998, the district museum opened here. 

Today there are several halls that tell about the history, ethnographic features and nature of the region.

In the Ethnography hall, the visitor will see folk art objects. For example, there is hand-patterned weaving, which is distinguished by bright colors, imagery, and a rich variety of ornaments.

In the same hall there are products made of vine, bast, birch bark, pottery, wood products, weaving. You can also look at the traditional women's and men's costumes worn by residents of the Khotimsky district more than a hundred years ago.

Tools and household items of ancient times are presented in the Archeology hall. For example, fragments of ancient stones, fragments of pottery and stucco ceramics, bronze products of the I—II centuries AD and iron of the IV—VI centuries AD.

The hall "Nature of the native Land" is based on a story about nature protection, the relationship of man with nature, the diversity of the flora and fauna of the Khotim region. The exposition is divided into four seasons: summer, autumn, winter, spring.

Of course, the museum did not ignore the theme of the Second World War. The hall "Roads of Victories" presents an exposition that tells about the pre-war Khotimsk, Khotimsk during the occupation, the liberation of the district and information about the natives who showed themselves during the Second World War. In 2022, new sections appeared "Genocide: Memory without a statute of limitations" and a section dedicated to the famous native of the Guards, Major General Sharaburko Yakov Sergeevich.

Operating mode:

Tuesday-Saturday from 9.00 to 18.00, break from 13.00 to 14.00

Day off: Sunday, Monday.

tel.: 8-02247- 31-0-57