Chashniksky Historical Museum
Visitors to the museum can get acquainted with unique values, including art objects, numismatics, collections of printed publications, documents, and the richest ethnographic material. All this was collected by employees with the selfless help of local residents. Here you can get new and interesting information about the history of the Chashnik district, starting from the Neolithic period and ending with our modernity

Museum expositions:

Exhibition hall A.S. Osipkova "With love for the motherland";

"In the gray ages your origins";

"Culture and education in Chashnichina" to the beginning. 20th century;

"Handicraft and industrial occupations of chashnichan";

"The war. People. Victory";

"Worthy son of his people" exhibition dedicated to the life and work of NI Dementei;

"The Volodkovich family in Chashnichina";

"The economic potential of Chashnichyna. Industry";

"Development of education in Chashnichina" since the 20th century;

"Culture of Chashnichyna";

Exhibition hall "The Great Patriotic War through the eyes of civilians";

"Partisan dugout".

The museum is open daily from 10.00 to 19.00 (ticket office until 18.30)


tel.:+375 2133 6 30 81