It is located in a Children's Park and is marked by a commemorative sign with a memorial plaque, which reads: "Monument of archeology. The settlement".

This is a rectangular platform measuring 75 × 45 m, reinforced with two-meter-high ramparts on the western, eastern and southern sides. From the north, the settlement is washed by a river. On its western and eastern sides there are deep ditches, filled with water in ancient times.

Archaeologists E. Simonovich and G. Shtykhov revealed a cultural layer 1.6 meters thick on the site, ceramics of the XIII—XIV centuries, pieces of stucco ware were found.

The settlement dates back to the Early Iron Age and the era of Kievan Rus. In the XIII century there was a detinets of the city, on which a century later the Grand Duke Vytautas built a wooden castle that stood for more than two hundred years.