The Blue Spring near Slavgorod

In Mogilev region, several kilometers from the town of Slavgorod, there is a unique healing spring – "The Blue Spring" or "The Blue Well". This name can be seen on old aps of Mogilev lands.  Why is the Blue Spring so amazing?

It is one of the largest springs that is a standard of transparency and cleanness of Belarusian groundwater. The Spring has miraculous properties, healing various diseases and fulfilling the cherished desires of all those who have been there three times, plunged and crossed the life-giving spring. The Blue Spring is a picturesque lake, as if descended from the famous paintings by Shishkin, Vasnetsov, Levitan, surrounded by shady trees, rushes, ferns. The water in the lake has an unusual emerald colour, looking either blue or turquoise depending on the time of the day, and at the bottom of lake grow red algae. The Blue Spring is the only place in Belarus where you can see such rare species of algae. The length of the lake is 25 meters and its depth reaches 2.5 meters. The water temperature is above zero and remains practically unchanged during the year.

It is worth noting, that the territory where is the Blue Spring became a dangerous zone after the Chernobyl disaster, but the water in the life-giving spring is clean. Its composition and quality did not change, that has been repeatedly confirmed by scientific researches.

The seventh wonder of the World of Belarus, as it is popularly called, has a rich historical past and, of course, many legends that attracts not only believers and pilgrims, but also curious tourists from all over the country. In ancient times, when the water in the spring beat the height of human growth, the Old well was considered a sacred object, where was located a heathen temple – a sanctuary for conducting religious ceremonies. And when Christianity came to these lands, the Blue Spring became the first spring, which was consecrated and used as a place for baptism.

According to a romantic legend in the times when giants lived on the earth, two brothers fell in love with beautiful Catherine. The young lady liked Stepen, but his brother Ivan made a proposal first. Catherine could not imagine the life without her beloved Stepen, hit a stone and became water, having created the sacred Blue Well.

The Blue Spring near Slavgorod is a monument of Republican importance, protected by the state. People come here especially on religious holidays. Annually on August 14 here are conducted worship services in honor of Jesus Christ, in honor of the Life-giving Cross of Lord the Savior and saints brothers martyrs Maccabees. On the territory of the Spring is an entire cultural-recreational complex: fonts, a Church, a sacred stone, a center of ecology, controlling the state of the water on religious holidays, when the number of people exceeds 20 thousand a day. Also the area is equipped with rest houses, dressing rooms, a parking, toilets, garbage cans. Every year the number of market stalls is increasing, here you can buy delicious fresh honey and sweets.

If you want to visit the Blue Spring and truly enjoy the beautiful nature, feel the peace, serenity, to connect with the ancient nature, where once our ancestors accepted the baptism, we ask you to pay attention to some nuances:

  • to collect clay from the bottom of the sacred lake is strictly forbidden. It is not healing that has repeatedly been proved. 

  • planning a trip to the Blue Spring, check the calendar of religious holidays.

  • do not throw garbage in the water of the sacred source. Take care of the Belarusian miracle of nature!