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The gallery-exhibition complex of the national library in Minsk

The gallery-exhibition complex of the national library in Minsk


Galleries, exhibition halls

The National library of Belarus is a modern social-cultural center that has no analogues in the whole country. The library building is one of the most unique architectural urban sites that attract travelers from all over the world. 

The history of the building of the National Library building

The national library of Belarus was founded in 1922, and in 2002 began construction of a modern library building. The people called it the "Diamond of knowledge", as the building has the shape of rhombicuboctahedron – semiregular polyhedron, standing on a tiered stand. The project's architects M. Vinogradov and V. Kramarenko, have chosen the form of the diamond, as it symbolizes values such as culture, knowledge and wisdom. From such an incredible architectural ideas to its realization went as much as thirteen years! To imagine this masterpiece is impossible, it is better to go to Minsk and see with your own eyes. The best way is to book Minsk sightseeing tour. Our professional guides will be happy to show the sights of the capital of Belarus and tell the story of their creation.

National library in Minsk: architecture and interior

The main entrance to the library is an open book with the inscription "let there be God's perfect man" in nineteen languages. "The diamond of knowledge" is included in "100 amazing achievements of modern architecture". There are 9 million copies of books, 20 reading rooms, a Museum of rare books and manuscripts, including the originals of the books of the printing pioneer Francysk Skoryna, published in the XVI century; a reproduction of a map of the Great Duchy of Lithuania of 1613; the map of Paris 1739; various Arab and Japanese manuscripts of Buddhist sutras and Tibetan manuscripts. By the way, on the official website of the library You can visit virtual exhibitions and collections, presented in the format of a slide show.

Entering the building of the National library, you will find yourself in a large bright hall with columns, glass bridges, fountains, plants brought from different countries of the world (more than 1,125 species), recreational areas and run into a huge instance of the ancient book "heritage of Francysk Skoryna". All of the above is a sociocultural centre. With the aim of the international political and economic forums, cultural events, press conferences, in 2005 was opened the modern centre of the negotiations, equipped with all necessary equipment for holding events at a high level.

The structure of the gallery and exhibition center of the National Library of Belarus

Special attention deserves the gallery and exhibition complex, designed for exhibitions and presentations of new exhibits. The complex includes five halls with unusual names: "atrium", "Labyrinth", "Panorama", "Mobile gallery" and "View". Total simultaneous capacity of paintings is about 300. But keep in mind that, visit the "Panorama" paid, as the hall is closed on the viewing platform on the 22nd floor of the National library. It is important to note that the visit to the gallery is free for holders of readers ' subscription, or special permits "social and cultural center". In the Gallery complex often hold book exhibitions and presentations of new products. All visitors have the opportunity to learn Fund with the help of virtual exhibitions.

Enjoy the beautiful city scenery, you can open the observation deck, located on the 72-meter tall, next to it is the storage facility.

You can visit the National Library of Belarus during the excursion 

Traveling around Belarus, most tourists visit Minsk. The tourist portal VETLIVA offers a wide choice of various sightseeing tours around the capital of Belarus: 

The national library offers to all travelers a number of excursions, such as: 

  • "visit to the observation deck "Minsk palm", 
  • tour of the library, including the Museum of rare books,
  • children's excursions.

For comfortable pastime of visitors are recreational areas with plush sofas, a restaurant, several cafes, children's games room and even a center for physical culture.

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