The fountain "Wreath" in Minsk

Minsk fountain "Wreath" in the Park of Yanka Kupala, fits into the cultural image of the city so harmoniously that it can be considered its identical card. Minsk citizens love the fountain having been accustomed to it. Tourists and visitors are taken there, photographs of the fountain decorate the publications, and its images are set on postcards and stamps.

Historical and cultural value of the fountain and the traditions associated with it

The fountain has existed in this place since the fifties of the last century. It used to be an ordinary construction in architectural decision; it did not have any semantic or aesthetic value. Now anyone of the present generation being versed in entertainments would call it primitive.

In 1972 two sculptures were installed in the Park: the monument to Yanka Kupala and the fountain "Wreath". It was timed to the 90th anniversary of the birth of great Belarusian poet.

As we know, Ivan Dominikovich Lutsevich took a creative pseudonym of Yanka Kupala in honor of his birthday and in order to emphasize the folk roots of his poetry. After all, the night of July 7 under the new style, is considered a Holy night - the night before the summer solstice. The holiday of Ivan Kupala, which has ancient pagan roots, is associated with this day.

According to folk legends, miracles are carried out at that night. For example ferns are said to come into blooms, those who manage to find the flower will gain happiness.

Many traditions and rituals linked with this holiday were invented by people: festivities, jumping over the fire, fortune telling. One of those divinations is interesting for unmarried girls, fiancées. Wreaths, woven on one’s own, are put onto the water surface and let to float down the river. If the wreath comes at the shore his owner is believed to get married in the nearest autumn, will the wreath float in the undertow, the girl should keep on waiting for the betrothed, and in case the wreath sinks – a trouble, the worst one can expect, will happen.

It is the moment of girlish divination at Midsummer night that the authors have captured in the sculptures, having transformed the old fountain, giving the sculptural composition in the Central avenue of the Park completeness. Where, if not here, on the way to the monument to Yanka Kupala, can graceful girls tell their fortune? Here their secret dreams are born and come true. The girls let the wreaths on the water under jets of the fountain, hoping for the best, the rays of light refracting in the water spray, making their dreams even cleaner, cheering up the audience.

The fountain has already contributed to the emergence of new traditions. Its startup in spring is accompanied by festivities, a fancy-dress parade.

The authors of the monument are sculptors A. Anikeychik, L. Gumilevsky, A. Zaspitsky.  They were the winners of the State prize for creating sculptural ensembles in the park; A. Anikeychik was awarded the honorable title of People's artist of Belarus.

All honorary regalia were, of course, deserved. The sculptural group of the fountain "Wreath" is considered to be a shining example of Belarusian sculpture.

Restoration and development

In 2014, the city held another restoration of the fountain. Some wreaths were replaced, the mode of water circulation was modified: a geyser, a tent.

And now, the renovated fountain "Wreath" pleases visitors of the Park of different ages. This water-sculptural ensemble is one of the main decorations of the capital.