A herbal chemist's shop in the village of Rubiazhevichy

The village Rubiazhevichy refers to such places, which have kept the spirit of an old Belarusian settlement - a beautiful, neat, colorful, with a steady flow of life, local enthusiastic historians - the keepers of their native village history.

This large village is not only very beautiful, but also famous for the traditions, concerning Apothecary "herbal" matters, which itself are similar to quackery.

The history of pharmacy in Rubezhevichy.

The permission to organize a pharmacy in the village of Rubiazhevichy was issued during the reign of Alexander II in 1865. For a long time it was an ordinary pharmacy, which offered medicines of traditional medicine.

In 1946 Stanislav Ivanovich Wilkoski became the head of the pharmacy.

About the first Principal of the herbal chemists’ shop in Rubezhevichy.

A native of this area, he came from a common family, his parents worked for the gentry. Wilkoski finished Baranovichi pharmaceutical school; he was a competent medic, a mental, infinitely kind person.

He brought a touch of the unusual into the traditional matter of pharmacy. He always had an interest in herbal therapy. He even helped the pharmacy to get a special status - it became officially known as a herbal chemist's shop.

Stanislav Ivanovich himself was preparing mixtures, mainly from local herbs. He used both folk recipes and the ones he had invented on his own.

For that purpose he collected the recommendations of folk healers, specialized print editions, old books.

His mixtures appeared to be healing for practice confirmed that. Sometimes they happened to cure obviously incurable diseases. The whole pilgrimage of suffering were coming to a herbal chemist's shop in Rubiazhevichy. Its popularity was amazing: the entire former Soviet Union and even wider.

That unique person has created an honorable practice of helping people.

We gave the Hippocratic oath

to heal a sick man,

to see a friend and a brother in him ...

These lines were from the poems of S. I. Vilkitski.

The sight of Belarus in Rubezhevichy: traditions and modernity

After he had left the drugstore №128 in Rubezhevichi has long been without a proper leader, until Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoriev came to this post. No less interest to traditional medicine, love for people revealed he in all of his activities.

The pharmacy now employs 7 people, who, under the leadership of A. I. Grigoriev prepare mixtures. Before prescribing something individual, he talks to a patient personally. No charlatanism and remote treatment are allowed.

All the herbs collected or purchased from local purveyors (there are 64 species growing only in the district) are checked for compliance with current state standards.

The effectiveness of the herbal mixtures made in the pharmacy is evidenced by the fact that the whole dynasties of patients are forming; the reception is conducted by appointment, in turn.

A building, quite large by the standards of the village, is standing in Rubezhevichi. A drugstore №128 is located in it. The aid for people: simple, practical, natural, and real has long been coming from that place. This aid is illuminated by the radiance of the great personalities of humble men - the most important sights of Belarus. To visit the pharmacy and to see sight of Rubezhevich it is possible as a part of excursions with visiting of a museum of interactive history "Sula". Book our bus excursions across Belarus and open for yourself interesting and unusual places!