The ecological path "Slobodka Esker Ridge"

Those tourists who associate holidays in the open air not only with passive relaxation around the campfire, but prefer to always be on the move, will like one of the main attractions of the richest Braslav land – the ecological path “Slobodka Esker Ridge”. The length of the sights amounts to kilometers and it lays between lakes of stunning beauty Potsekh and Nedrovo.  The height of the ridge reaches about thirty-five meters, and the slopes are steep enough that is noted by those lucky ones who managed to visit this picturesque place of the Belarusian land.

"Slobodka Esker Ridge" is monumental natural monument of fantastic beauty which was left by the glacier descended on the territory of Belarus. It left behind a split, which became gradually filled with sand. The glacier had quite a great influence on the topography, flora and fauna of the North of Belarus. If you look at the ridge fr om afar, it will cause associations with the hunched back of a strange beast. The ridge is long and narrow, and its slopes fall steeply to the lakes.    

"Slobodka Esker Ridge" is the national heritage of the Republic of Belarus, which is protected by the state at the highest level. This important object is not used for automotive transportation, as well as tourist halts are prohibited here. “Slobodka Esker Ridge” contains in its path numerous anthills, bushes of juniper, rare herbs and a curious “drunk forest”, where low bowed trees form with their branches and leaves original arches. 

The landmark is not far from Braslav and, as it has a rather big length, it is better to devote the whole day to fully enjoy stunning sceneries during a leisurely stroll listening to birdsongs. Some time ago large-scale archaeological excavations were carried out on the territory of “Slobodka Esker Ridge”. The result at that time amazed many archaeologists who managed to find remains of an ancient settlement which was dated back to the 12-13thcenturies.  

Earlier “Slobodka Esker Ridge” was actively used in agricultural activities of the local population, which had a negative impact on its future functioning. Scientists are assured that organization of private tourist expeditions will also cause significant harm to the most valuable object. For these reasons, specialist have laid the ecological trail “Slobodka Esker Ridge”, within which there are excursions wh ere, thanks to experienced guides, you can learn a lot of informative things, beginning with the functioning of the ancient settlement and ending with flora and fauna, which are diverse enough for these places.

The ecological path “Slobodka Esker Ridge” will be interesting for those who love nature in all its diversity, always and everywhere seeks to protect it, and who are not indifferent to colorful panoramic images of fantastic beauty, which in Braslav district can be taken incredibly much.