The Palace Ensemble in Dyatlovo

The Palace Ensemble in Dyatlovo


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The construction of the palace ensemble in Dyatlovo dates back to the middle of the XVIII century. The palace was linked with the famous writer, poet, historian and statesman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuanian – Duke Ulrik Radziwill. His father, Nicholay Radziwill, with the financial support from Dominic Radziwill and at his expense, organized the construction of the palace in Dyatlovo, which was completed in 1751. Later, the castle belonged to the Soltan family.

This monument of architecture features the late Baroque elements. Initially, it was quite an impressive complex, which, besides the palace, included a variety of small architectural forms, including pavilions, bridges, sculptures, etc., placed in a beautiful park nearby the Dyatlovka River.

Peculiarities of the Palace Ensemble in Dyatlovo

Nowadays, gone through significant changes, the palace, some outbuildings, park, and ponds are preserved.

The two-storey rectangular building was initially completed with a high hipped roof and three-tiered towers.

The modern building has a lower roof in comparison with the previous one. The main facade is distinguished by a risalit and completed with an arched gable. Its tympanum has a cartouche of the coat of arms of the Radziwill family. The risalit is divided by four fluted columns.

On both sides of the main entrance, openings are semicircular with stucco. Rectangular windows of the second floor are decorated with arched pediments.

The facade of the rear part facing the pond has a risalit with four window openings. The rear facade is divided by pilasters – they are flat on the first floor, fluted on the second, paneled in the risalit.

The palace interior and park in Dyatlovo

Its original layout was enfilade. The main hall and staircase were in the center. Nowadays, only a fireplace and tiled floor of the staircase landing are preserved. At the end of the XVIII century, a park with a pond was created. It was richly decorated with small architectural forms, such as the pavilions and bridges that are not preserved.

Some historical facts about the Palace and Park Ensemble in Dyatlovo

The original building is depicted on the sketches by Napoleon Orda. A. Soltan, one of its owners, took part in the liberation uprising in 1831; it led to the confiscation of the estate. After that, there was a hospital, and then – cavalry barracks. As a result, the interior changed. At the beginning of the XX century, the palace was equipped for the needs of a two-year school, and in 1930 – an orphanage for girls. In 1950, there appeared a medical facility. Nowadays, there is a district hospital.

Nowadays the Palace and Park Ensemble attracts many tourists. 

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