The Palace of Masalsky family in Grodno

The palace complex of Masalsky family, located on 5, 7, 9 and 11 Zamkovaya Street, belongs to the 1st half of the XVIII century. That two-storey architectural composition was U-shaped. In the middle of the century, not far from the main building, an identical small building was built on Zamkovaya Street, one of the oldest dwelling houses of the regional center. Discussions were held and decisions were made there for a long time. The decisions were officially announced in New Castle.

The palace of the Masalsky family was severely damaged by fires in 1753 and 1782. It was necessary to rebuild again. There were changes in construction that affected the appearance of the entire facility. Bright features of Classicism appeared, which were typical for many buildings of that time.

Interesting historical facts

This 3-storey building was U-shaped. A single-storey outbuilding was added to it. According to some sources, the construction of that architectural monument took place in 1643, and according to other sources – in 1726. The reconstruction of the house took place in 1912. Today, we can see a closed yard space, arched passage in the center and classic gable roof.

In 1674, Kadysh and Itska Abramovich conceded the estate complex on Zamkovaya Street to Lithuanian Marshal A. G. Polubinsky. Since 1726, the house belonged to Mikhail Masalsky, who was a mayor of Grodno. In 1781, Duke Ksaveriy Masalsky passed it to Bishop Ignatsiy Masalsky. According to historical documents, in 1794, the building belonged to Frantsisk Yundilov.

Grodno Belarusian National Commissariat held a meeting there on March 28th, 1920. In 1926, a Jewish school Tora Jabne occupied that estate as well as an organization called “Club of the Jewish intelligentsia.”

In the postwar period, balconies and fronton were added to the building. Since 1970-ies and present days there is a dormitory of the local Medical University.

What is special about the picturesque building on 7 Zamkovaya Street?

This part of the estate of the Masalsky family is one-, and partially two-storey building resembling the letter C. A large Duke's palace was created in the territory of three stone buildings. There were 2 asymmetric arched passages.

A fire of 1899 led to the demolition of most of the building and a new house was built.

During the Second World War, there was a ghetto – there is a plaque on the corner of the building. The inscription says that about 29 thousand people were killed.

Who was the Masalsky family?

The dynasty is one of the oldest, both within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Kiev Rus. When the Grand Duchy of Lithuania existed, the Masalsky family could hold high administrative positions in the city and surrounding possessions of the king. Many representatives had difficult characters.

The buildings on 5 and 7 Zamkovaya Street are remarkable tourist objects in Grodno.