The Chernyshev-Kruglikov Residence in Chechersk

The Chernyshev-Kruglikov Residence in Chechersk


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Chechersk is a small town in Gomel region. The first written mention of it dates back to the XII century. It is located in the most beautiful place, where the river Checher flows into the river Sozh. It was from the river that the town took its name. Count Chernyshev was the last owner of the town. Empress Catherine II presented him these lands. The town hall, Orthodox and Catholic churches were built in the town under directed by him. Chernyshev took care so that the townspeople lived comfortably, therefore great attention was paid to the cleanliness and order in the town, the creation of coziness in the town streets, and he created a serf theater for the leisure of the townspeople.

After the disaster occurred in 1986 at Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Chechersk was greatly damaged. There was an extremely high level of radioactive contamination. For a long time tourists were not allowed into the town, it was closed for visiting. However, over time, the radiation level normalized, and Chechersk became one of the most visited towns in Belarus.

One of the most important town landmarks is the palace and park ensemble of the Chernyshev-Kruglikov. The estate construction was completed in the XIX century. The palace has been rebuilt several times, so now it is a mixture of architectural styles. This estate was just a summer residence of the Chernyshevs.

The entire palace and park ensemble consists of the palace, stables, outbuildings and a park. Balconies, terraces and beautiful iron founding give the palace the final composition. The summer terrace, which is of interest to visitors, is located on the cast-iron stands. There is an opinion that it was at this terrace, where the estate owners received guests of honor, among them were Catherine II, Nicholas II, Alexander I. They say that even great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was in this estate twice. Besides, the estate owners themselves liked to sit at this terrace, drink tea, discuss actual problems.

Count Chernyshev made a greenhouse in his estate, where lemons of various kinds were grown. They not only gave the greenhouse an incredible beauty, but also filled it with a pleasant fragrant scent. The owners created a beautiful park around the estate, in which rare species of trees and shrubs grew.

The Count invited the serf theater for performances for his guests at the estate very often, which gave a variety of interesting spectacles.

A historical and ethnographic museum located in the estate building in the 1990s.

Now the estate building is about to be restored.

Being in Gomel region, you ought to visit this small ancient town. Its streets keep the secret of the past. You can easily plunge into history, fantasize about life in those times, enjoy coziness and warmth, and you can see houses and buildings that preserved in their original form since ancient times in Chechersk.


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, Chechersk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 286 km

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