Dribinsky District Historical and Ethnographic Museum
The Dribinsky District Historical and Ethnographic Museum was founded on February 15, 1995 by the decision of the Dribinsky District Council of People's Deputies. The activity of the museum institution is focused on the study, preservation and presentation of historical and cultural heritage–wool-felting craft (shapovalstvo), which in 2009 was awarded the status of intangible historical and cultural value of the Republic of Belarus.
In the context of national traditions, on the basis of the district historical and ethnographic museum, there is a “Dribin Shapoval school” aimed at teaching skills of wool-felting craft.
In order to preserve and popularize the element of intangible heritage “Creativity of Shapoval masters”, the museum staff regularly conducts master classes on the decoration of wool products by wet and dry felting, thematic excursions, museum classes that introduce tourists to a unique collection and traditions of felting craft.
On the basis of the GUK “Dribinsky District Historical and Ethnographic Museum” there is a national amateur association “Shapoval”, an exemplary children's amateur association “Katrushnik”, which included shapoval masters and children adopting the experience of masters. For visitors of the museum there is a salon-shop where you can buy souvenirs and products of masters of folk crafts and crafts of the Dribinsky region. The state cultural Institution "Dribinsky District Historical and Ethnographic Museum” has great potential for development in the field of tourism. A visit to the museum institution is included in the tourist routes.

Work schedule:

The museum is open to visitors:

8.00-17.00 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

lunch break: 13.00 – 14.00

The day off is Sunday.

The work of the exposition:

10.00-17.00 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

10.00-15.00 (Saturday)

The day off is Sunday.

(according to preliminary applications for groups of 20-25 people, the museum is open on Sunday)

Contact details:

phone: +375 (2248) 79639

website: http://valenki-dribin.by

email address: dribin-museum@mail.ru