Craftsman’s House (“House on the market) in Nesvizh

Nesvizh is a real town-monument under the open sky, which played an important role in the history of Belarus and has a number of must-see sites, which both Belarusians and foreign tourists should visit.

The sight of Nesvizh - a craftsman’s house.

The building was built in 1721. It was a house and workshop at the same time.

The building is located in the historic part of the town near the Town Hall Square and one of the main sights of the town - Nesvizh Town Hall, it was erected after the town received Magdeburg rights in 1586.

The archietectural features of the craftsman's house.

The craftsman’s house, also sometimes called the merchant’s house, is located in 4/2 Chapaev street, and is an example of an urban-type house, which has an unusual facade, typical for buildings in the first half of the XVIII century.

For centuries, the two-storey building and monument of the 20-s of the XVIII century was rebuilt several times and therefore lost its initial appearance. It is suggested that initially the house was divided into two parts, one of which was residential (second floor), the other – workshop (first floor). Downstairs, there were also store rooms and shop.

The facade requires special attention. It was built in the baroque style – a movement that had a significant impact on the architecture of the XVII-XVIII centuries. The construction has two floors, wavy tiled roofing - the main decoration of "house on the market." It is worth noting that the building was made of brick and wood. The first floor is built of brick, the second floor - wood, which was a characteristic feature of the urban houses of that period. The second floor is decorated with metal openwork balconies.

The first owner’s name is unknown. At that time (the first half of the XVIII century), this house was a typical building - there were many houses along the street. However, today it is the only preserved building of such a type in Nesvizh.

According to the widespread opinion, the craftsman’s house belonged to a wealthy family, and for a short period of time it belonged to a merchant, that’s why there is another name “merchant’s house”.

If you look closely, you will notice the asymmetry in the arrangement of windows and doors, it is explained that the building was reconstructed several times. However, the Baroque gable corrects these inaccuracies; it makes the overall appearance of the building attractive.

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Nowadays the "house on the market" serves as a children's library, so the building is not only a historical object, it plays an important role in the cultural life of the town.

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