The House of Pinkhusovich in Minsk

The House of Pinkhusovich in Minsk



The House of Pinkhusovich is one of the landmarks of Minsk, which is included into the Trinity Suburb, located in the historic centre of the Belarusian capital, on the left bank of the river Svisloch and previously being an important trading and administrative place. The exact address of the building – 5, Storozhevskaya Street.

The House of Pinkhusovich being a part of the Trinity Suburb, which is also called Trinity hill, is located in the north-east of the historic city centre and it is an important place of tourist excursions both for foreign visitors of the capital and for the Belarusians themselves.

The history of the House of Pinkhusovich dates back to the second half of the XIX century, when the structure was erected as a private dwelling house. However, after a while the building turned to be a guest house, where the Imperial Russian army accommodated. Thus, soon the house turned into barracks, where mostly officers lodged. It isn’t known for sure, whether that was the owner’s desire or it happened like that circumstantially.

Two companies (the 9thand the 10th) of the 120th Serpukhovsky infantry, which participated in the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-78, were located directly in the House of Pinkhusovich. It is notable, that the company, which ceased to exist only with the advent of the Soviet authorities, had lodged for a long time in Minsk. And the street, where the main part of Serpukhovsky infantry barracks was located, got the respective name – Serpukhovskaya (today – Volodarsky Street).

After the Revolution of 1917 the House of Pinkhusovich in Minsk came to be a block of flats. Today there are also flats (mostly on the second and the third floors), and on the ground floor a hairdresser’s works, which is called “Hairdresser’s in the Suburb”.

When the house was just built in the second half of the XIX century, it was located in the north suburb of the town. A large Trinity market was located nearby, recollections of which are still alive in the memory of Minsk old generation’s people, and a big mill operated on the bank of the river Svisloch. Scenery stretching around the house reminded more of rural, than urban one, familiar to the eye of present residents and the guests of Minsk city.

Today, Storozhevskaya Street, where the House of Pinkhusovich is located, is situated in the centre of Minsk and stretched from the crossroad with Maksim Bogdanovich Street along the river Svisloch to the First ring road. Thanks to its good location in present the building as other structures of the Trinity Suburb, draws the eye both local residents and numerous tourists.

Speaking about the building architecture, it is necessary to mention, that the structure represents a rectangular with sloped gable roof, two balconies located on the second and the third floors as well.

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