Merchant Gurevich 's House
On Freedom Square there is a building in which the merchant Gurevich lived and kept a shop. It was this man who owned the building in the 19th century, where the Chashnik Historical Museum is located today. The institution is well known not only to residents of the district, but also to those who live outside of it.

Such famous personalities as Zhores Alferov, Georgy Grechko, Egor Batalonok and others have visited here.

In August, the institution will celebrate its 25th anniversary. A quarter of a century is the age of youth. The Chashnik Museum is one of the youngest in the Vitebsk region. Today, the staff consists of four people. Their forces, with the help of residents of the district, replenish the existing fund. Many interesting exhibitions, which were visited with pleasure by Chashnichans, Novolukomchans, villagers, have already been held this year. And even more exciting, anniversary ones are ahead. Everyone who is interested in the history of their native land, do not miss the chance to learn more about Chashnichina!