The House of the Merchant Antoshkevich in Mogilev

The history of beautiful Mogilev is interesting and really multi-faceted. It is believed that Belarusian Mogilev is one hundred years younger than the Russian capital. It is known that in the historical chronicles Mogilev is mentioned towards the end of the XIII century. However, many historians claim that locations in this area refer to an earlier period. It so happened, Mogilev was involved in many major historical vicissitudes in which the powerful states took part. In the outskirts of Mogilev one of the key battles of the war with Napoleon Bonaparte took place – the battle of Soltanovka that is now considered by many historians as a turning point in the war. It is also known that Mogilev was the General Headquarters of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II for a few years. Interestingly, in the Soviet period Mogilev some time was considered as a possible capital of the BSSR, but those plans were not to be...

Over its long and multi-faceted history of Mogilev was part of once major world states ranging fr om the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to the Russian Empire and the BSSR; that resulted in its varied architecture. However, the Second World War negatively influenced the appearance of Mogilev, when many fine buildings were razed to the ground by enemy bombs and shells. This had a significant impact on the future of historical buildings built centuries ago which in the postwar period had the same fate, associated not with the enemy bombing and but with the ill-considered Soviet construction. Historical houses were demolished and in their place there were built the Soviet standard, unremarkable structure.

Therefore, there are not many medieval monuments in the town as it was originally. One of the finest examples that have survived to this day – the House of the Merchant Antoshkevich in Mogilev built in the XVII century, now restored and functioning as the Museum of Belynitsky-Birulya - a popular painter. Vitold Kaetanovich was born in the estate Krynki in Mogilev and throughout his long career considered himself a Belarusian and a Belarusian artist. Almost all his works are connected with the Belarusian beautiful places. Still Vitold Kaetanovich is a true master of spring landscapes.

The monument of the Middle Ages is located in Lenin Street and is always glad to numerous guests: the flow of tourists does not dry up there. This building has two floors with a classic planning, inside of which there is a staircase with rooms adjoining to it. The part of the facade is decorated with original elements of Baroque style.

The House of the Merchant Antoshkevich in Mogilev is interesting for many tourists. First of all, as a stunning monument of architecture that has survived since times gone by. And secondly, as a place hosting the Museum of the amazing artist Belynitsky-Birulya wh ere there is much to watch for fans of the paintings of "the Old Belarusian village".