Chereyskaya Hospital
The agro-town of Chereya in the Vitebsk region can compete with the Belarusian capital not only in antiquity (the first mention was in 1066!), but also in a scattering of names that were noted in these parts. At different times, Sapieha and Miloshi managed here, Ivan the Terrible presented an icon to the local church, Peter the Great took the list from the image of the Our Lady of Cherei to the capital, and Maxim Bogdanovich's father often visited the Cherei market and noted the beauty of the local gardens and the taste of local beer. 

The hospital was built in 1906 at the expense of deductions from the production activities of small-town Jews. Fedor Romanov, a representative of the Romanov family important to Cheri, a well-known therapist and surgeon, then entered it as a paramedic. The hospital is still operating, but firewood is stored in the wing building for the winter.