Zavyshes Chapel of the tomb in Uzda

Zavyshes Chapel of the tomb in Uzda


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The history of the Zavyshes Chapel of the tomb in Uzda

One of the most amazing and original monuments of architecture in Belarus is the Zavyshes Chapel of the tomb at Uzda cemetery. One of the greatest problems of the cemetery in the 60-70ss was the fact that people buried their relatives on the places where other people had been already buried. That’s why a lot of monuments of that time were just destroyed. The rest of them are set ia a caos between the rows of the cemetery.

The majority of tombstones were saved not far from The Zavyshes chapel. One can suggest that people were afraid of burying their relatives there. The chapel was built in 1800. It was erected by General Zavysh.

The description of the Zavyshes Chapel of the tomb in Uzda

If you ask Belarusian travelers about Uzda town most of them will recollect the unique construction. In spite of its obscure location the chapel is a magnet for tourists.

The amazing chapel attracts tourists because it’s rather old as well as majestic and her building is mysterious. The tomb has a form of a pyramid. As many other chapel of the tomb it had 2 levels: the upper level is a room for prayers and the lower one is a crypt for burying.

Earlier there were 3 burials in the building. There was a small altar with an evangelical sculpture at one of it. Now the burials don’t exist so you can go down without any fear. But it’s not so easy to get to the upper level because you have to climb the wall but nevertheless it doesn’t stop anybody.

It’s not the only one chapel in Belarus with a pyramid form. But this tomb is an entertaining centre and it’s referred to historical and cultural values of the country.

People who visited it once advice to everyone to visit this wonderful tomb in Egypt style. There are no such constructions in the country. Spirit of the past will win your heart and you will remember this trip for a long time.


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