The memorial chapel in the village of Saltanovka

The village with a beautiful name Saltanovka (Soltanovka) is located in Mogilev region. It was this place where during the Great Patriotic War took place “The battle of Saltanovka”. In memory of such a significant historical event in 1912 was built a memorial chapel two kilometers from the location of Saltanovka village. The architect Mikhailov and sculptor Yatsyno created a unique object in the neoclassicism style, which combines traditional and romantic styles, moderateness, strictness and certain pomposity, and monumentality with elegance and ease. Pyotr Petrovich Yatsyno became famous for a number of sculptural works devoted to the great leader V.I.Lenin and the leader of the Soviet State I.V.Stalin.

Within the walls of the chapel lie the remains of Russian soldiers died near the village of Saltanovka in 1812. And on the façade there are commemorative plaques with names of all regiments and divisions that participated in a fierce battle near the village.

On July 23, 1812 Lieutenant-General Nikolay Raevsky led his troops to the French to attack Mogilev, to break out from the encirclement of Marshal Davout’s army and clear the way to the Commander of the 2nd army Bagration, who was going to merge with the 1starmy of Barclay de Tolly. Despite the thorough preparations of the French, their good hinding, the Russian army won a victory in the battle of Saltanovka, largely due to the heroism of General Raevsky, who in a difficult moment took the attack into his own hands and went to the French without protection, throwing the enemies behind the stream. Thus the 1st and 2ndRussian armies joined in Smolensk, that significantly influenced a strategic plan of Napoleon. In the result of the battle of Saltanovka were killed 564 people from Raevsky’s corps and about 5 thousand Frenchmen, holding down the attack under the command of Marshal Louis Nicolas Davout.

The events of the Great Patriotic War left a significant mark in the history of Belarus. Numerous memorial marks and burials have been preserved on the former battlefields. At the same time, when fierce fighting took place at Saltanovka, in the village Sapezhinka was located the headquarters of the 2nd Western army of P. I. Bagration. In 1962 in Sapezhinka was set a memorial obelisk on which is engraved the name of the Russian headquarters and the name of its Commander. In Brest region you can see a memorial object set on the Central island of Brest region in memory of those days, when Napoleon's army retreated, having freed the city of Brest.  

In Vitebsk region there are more than 12 memorial sites commemorating the feat of the Russian people. In the village Osinogorodka you can visit another memorial chapel restored in 2009. To the 200th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War, between the Republic of Belarus and Russia was signed an agreement, in the result of which were restored and renovated all memorial chapels, including the chapel in the village of Saltanovka. It was reconstructed according to old drawings, and on the day of the commemorative ceremony took place the reburial of the capsule with the ashes of three soldiers who fought in the regiment of General Nikolay Raevsky.