Borisoglebsky cemetery in Turov
Borisoglebskoye cemetery is located on the bank of the Yazda, a small river with uncertain marshy banks, 300 meters from Turov, on a small elevated place surrounded on all sides by a swamp. There is a legend that Yaroslav the Wise buried his brothers Boris and Gleb, who were killed by Svyatopolk, on this island. The island has been considered sacred since very ancient times, obviously long before Christianity spread in this area. Now there is only an abandoned cemetery on the island among dense lilac thickets.

The "growing" crosses are a legendary landmark of the city, attracting lovers of history and archeology. There are several of them in Turov:

One is located in the courtyard of the cathedral in honor of Cyril and Lawrence of Turov,

The second one is not far from the All—Holy Church,

The most famous cross can be found at the Borisoglebsky cemetery.

In the late 1990s, a stone cross began to rise from the swamp. It has a chipped surface and rounded ends. Today it continues to "grow" out of the ground. This phenomenon is explained by the subsidence of the soil and the drying of the swamp.