Berezinsky distillery

Berezinsky distillery

Berezino, Victory Street, 1

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In Belarus, there are many really unusual sculptures, buildings and other attractions. Some of them are within walking distance from you, but to see others, you need to go on an excursion or on a tour. And it’s worth it, believe me! In our article today, we will not just talk about the attraction, but about the existing distillery in Berezino, which is the real decoration of this city.

Pages of history: how the Berezinsky distillery appeared

The history of the appearance of the sights of Berezino city is inextricably linked with the Potocki dynasty. This noble family built a beautiful estate in the city, which now, unfortunately, replenishes the list of abandoned houses in Belarus. In addition, in 1853 the Potocki founded a distillery in the Berezino. Initially, the production of alcohol was located in a wooden building. And that building, which is an architectural monument, was already built in 1892.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: when our team made a trip to Belarus, on the last day we visited Mozyr. One of the places we visited was the Mozyr Brewery, where we bought mead and whitewash. By the way, despite the name, this company has not produced beer for thirty years.

After the October Revolution, when the Bolsheviks came to power, the distillery was nationalized. Gradually, production developed and modernized: in the 30s of the last century a power station was built here and a laboratory was opened. In 1958, the product range also expanded: juices and starch began to be produced at the Berezinsky distillery.

Over the 117 years of the plant’s existence, production has never stopped: the plant is still operational today. It is part of the Minsk-Crystal holding as production workshop No. 6 and it produces up to 2000 decalitres of crude alcohol per day. Despite the constant change of power, alcohol was constantly made here from potatoes and rye malt. The product quality of the Berezinsky distillery has been tested for a century.

A large stone pedestal has been preserved in the storage of the plant, on which a 200-liter barrel was previously installed. It measured the amount of alcohol produced, which was poured into a barrel with buckets. It is believed that about 25 such barrels were made at the Berezinsky distillery per day.

Description of the Berezinsky distillery

If you are planning to visit the attraction of Berezino city on your own, consider the fact that the distillery is operational. People are working on four shifts! This means that it will be quite difficult to enter the territory of the plant since it is guarded. However, it's worth it!

The Berezinsky distillery is rightfully considered the most beautiful building in Belarus, built in the style of industrial eclecticism.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: eclecticism is an artistic direction in architecture, which focuses on the use of any forms of the past in any combination in one building. Accordingly, industrial eclecticism was used in the construction of various factory buildings.

The building of the Berezinsky distillery is really very beautiful: its walls are laid out of red brick and rubble stone. An interesting effect is created by contrasting windows of white colour. The building has no foundation: it stands on oak lags. Over the entire period of its existence, it has never been radically rebuilt, which is why it is a valuable architectural monument.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: the buildings of various factories often become iconic landmarks of cities. For example, in Minsk, there is Oktyabrskaya Street, which one day became the art center of the capital thanks to the unique graffiti that adorned its walls. And now the red brick walls of the once ordinary factory street invariably attract tourists who come to Minsk.

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