Art object "Cornucopia"
The author of the project, the famous Belarusian sculptor Andrei Vorobyov, calls his sculpture "Cornucopia" philosophical: for the author it is both a model of the Universe and a symbol of well-being. He embodied in bronze a symbol of abundance and wealth, dating back to ancient Greek mythology. The horn symbolizes work, because only by working, a person has hope and the opportunity to get everything he needs for life, to make his dreams come true. This is not a sculpture, but an art object for which you can hold on and thus become a "blacksmith" of your well-being and happiness," the author tried to make the art object interactive: the horn is made in such a configuration that everyone can take a picture against its background. In addition to the usual attributes – forest gifts, vegetables, fruits – the composition includes things that belong to the intangible heritage. In particular, the symbol of spirituality is a book with the image of the coat of arms of Klichev and the words from the anthem of the district center. The height of the "Cornucopia" is 2.2 meters, and you can take hold of it with your hands to make a wish for happiness and take a picture for memory.