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The Alley of Friendship in Minsk

The Alley of Friendship in Minsk


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The Alley of Friendship in Minsk is the most famous postwar monument of Belarus. Its aim is to emphasize a contribution of both each person and the entire Soviet people as a whole to the victory in the Great Patriotic war, but also become a symbol of peace and friendship. It is situated in the city center along the street named after Ya.Kupala, not far from Trinity suburb and the Park named after M.Kazey, and comes to the river Svisloch.

Features of the Alley of Friendship in Minsk

Walking on paths of the Alley of Frienship, you can see a lot of names known since school times. The idea of its creation was not only in beautification and landscaping, but in transferring the pages of history to the city streets.

Every planted tree has a sign with a name who planted it. Here are the names of concrete historical figures and the names of delegations of peasants and workers, not only from the territory of present Belarus. For example, one of the tallest trees of the alley, the chestnut, was planted by a Latvian delegation.

Colonel Generals Victor Pokrovsky and Alexei Burdeyny, party leaders Petr Masherov and Kirill Mazurov, marshals Konstantin Rokossovsky and Ivan Bagramyan. The names on the plates give an opportunity for those who are walking to realize that these great figures really did exist, were real people who planted the seeds of a new life after the great victory. This monument may be far more eloquent than stone pedestals and obelisks.  

Today the territory of the Alley of Friendship belongs to the developers from Oman, who promised to preserve this piece of history intact.

The sights of the Alley of Friendship in Minsk

If you have visited the Alley of Friendship, you probably noticed an object that looks like a monument. It is a Symbol of the spiritual affinity of the World countries that is a part of a large-scale international project of the famous German sculptor Peter Medtsekh.

It was erected in 1955 and is a climb up column (a granite arrow), split at the top. The pieces are symmetrically placed at the foot and symbolize the directions of the four sides of the world. The choice of location of the symbol of affinity is also interesting. In the world there are several such monuments (in Germany it is located in the city Tangermunde, in Franceit is in Bayeux), and all of them are located in the same geographical line.

What is the meaning of the Symbol of spiritual affinity? Peter Medtsekh wanted to reveal the idea of the unity of East and West, having established a kind of "spiritual stones" throughout the whole Europe. It is interesting that many foreign visitors of Minks know much more about this structure than Minskers themselves. The granite arrow going from a horizontal path symbolizes the unity of body and spirit, and the split tip reflects new ways and possibilities for each person and humanity as a whole.

A sightseeing tour is the best way to see the famous alley of Minsk

The Alley of Friendship in Minsk is a tourist attraction, which is included in the program of many excursion tours. Come with us for an exciting journey and get acquainted with the architectural and historical heritage of Belarus. The sights of Minsk will open before you in all its glory with sightseeing tours around the capital of Belarus:

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