The magnificent Сhurch of Saints Peter and Paul in Old Vasilishki

Old Vasilishki village is located in Shchuchyn district that is in Grodno region. There are only about 30 residents. One would think what can you see here? But sometimes such small towns keep real gems of the Belarusian culture.

Old Vasilishki gem

One of these gems is the Church of Saints Peter and Paul. Everyone who comes to the village, just marvel, what a striking with its beauty church is located here. That temple was built in the village in the late XIX - early XX century. It was designed by a Polish architect. Surely, he was full of inspiration and created fr om his heart at that time. The building amazes with monumentality and power.

The  walls of the church

The walls of the church are of interest for tourists. It is on them wh ere you can see oddly painted inscriptions. According to the legend, the names of those who founded this wonderful church were written on the temple walls. Then why were they painted over? The fact is that the name of the Emperor Nicholas II was also mentioned. But it was not the first number in the list, that’s why the inscriptions were painted over by the governor’s orders at that time.

Despite any prohibitions

It is known that the church has preserved in its original form, and none of the wars, revolutions and prohibitions by the authorities had effect on that unique red brick building. An interesting fact is that a musician – Cheslav Nemen – was born in Old Vasilishki. His father was in the church and played the organ. The little boy often ran to the temple to listen to his father’s play. Of course, that was forbidden in the Soviet period, but none of the orders could prevent the kid's wish.

To visit the church

Don’t miss such a unique opportunity – enjoying the organ sound in the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Old Vasilishki. Don’t forget that this is a great opportunity for you – to stay in a lovely atmosphere. You will delight not only your ears but also see the real work of architectural art – the church building itself.

Do not think about anything else when you're inside the church, just look at the numerous candles, beautiful interior and pray for the best for yourselves and your loved ones. You can fully enjoy the mass in a beautifully preserved temple, stay by yourself, and see the beautiful building both outside and inside. And how excellent these icons are, all of which have also preserved to our days! The story of the past lies in them – a huge, unwavering faith in God. They carry a part of him in them.