The all-purpose sports complex “Volna” (Wave)


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Home for sports teams of the whole city, the center of sports and recreation, a sports camp for students of new Polesie State University. Here are also held holidays and celebrations, entertainment events of the district center. Active youth and professional sportsmen of the whole Pinsk gather here – in the all-purpose sports complex “Volna”, on Street named after Irkutsk-Pinsk division.  

This modern three-storeyed building is visible from afar. It attracts attention with its fanciful, original forms, the façade of different heights, as well as colours in keeping with the name “Volna” (Wave) - the building is designed in shades of blue and grey colours.

The total area of the sports complex is over 32 thousand square meters. It is believed that more than 5 thousand people can train in the building at the same time.

“Volna” is multifunctional and all-purpose. Here is:

  • a football stadium of standard sizes with an artificial surface and bleachers, which can accommodate more than three thousand spectators
  • a health and recreation center
  • an ice arena
  • a universal sports hall

The private ice arena appeared in Pinsk in 2007, on the eve of New Year. The building of the area corresponds to European standards: the width of the ice cover is 29 meters, its length is 60 meters. The area is 8 450 sq.m. At the same time over 6 hundred spectators can watch hockey matches and contests on figure skating. This ice arena is also called unique. Because it was here where first appeared bent-glued wooden arches under the roof. Heretofore no ice rink in Belarus was equipped in a similar way.  

In the sports complex there is a sauna with a swimming pool by 50 meters in length, where the best coaches of Pinsk region train professional swimmers, which hosts competitions of various scale, here come citizens to improve their health. Up to five hundred people can be spectators of contests on swimming. Here is also another pool – for jumping into water, a hopping bath. These pools are suitable for competitions of any level – both national and international.

In addition, the sports complex “Volna” is equipped with 8 running tracks on a 400-meter circle for running, training sectors for high jumping and pole-vaulting – the floor is covered with a special artificial surface “Spurtan BS” in the places of athletes’ landing. Here is also a field with an artificial surface for work-outs, a pit with sand for triple jumping and long jumping, an area for shot put, platforms for game sports: volleyball, basketball, handball and big-time tennis, for which was also purchased a special coverage “Khart”. A weight room and a fitness center are open for sportsmen and inhabitants of Pinsk. Nowadays, the younger generation is taught figure skating and ice hockey in the sports complex.

The main sport block is equipped with a full-color led screen, the size of which is 7,68х5,76 m.  Technical characteristics of the modern screen allow playing computer animation and implementing a TV broadcast. Therefore “Volna” is ready to host competitions of any scale of the international level.  


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