Center of Olympic reserve for rowing sports in Polotsk

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The history of appearing the Center of Olympic reserve for rowing sports in Polotsk

On the territory of the city of Polotsk is located a Center of Olympic reserve for rowing sports. Its construction was planned for the period of 2008-2012. Financial assets for the construction of this object were allocated from the budget of the National Bank, under the responsibility of the city Executive Committee.

In the end of the summer of 2011 was created a state institution named “Vitebsk Regional Center of Olympic reserve for rowing sports”. In the mid-spring of the same year, a sports complex, which occupied a territory of 1.47 ha, was included into the centre. Since the first month of the winter of 2011 has begun the process of training and study in this establishment. At that time about 300 people trained in 33 organized groups.

In April, 2012 was opened a hotel, after it, 2 months later, was opened a cafe “Volna” (Wave).

The description of the Center of Olympic reserve for rowing sports in Polotsk

The center of Olympic reserve for rowing sports is located on the banks of the Western Dvina, on the right side. The building of the complex is made in the form of interconnected blocks of varying heights - from 2 to 6 floors. These structures consist of the administration, a hotel, a training part and a kitchen.  

The training building has new modernized sports equipment for trainings. Inside it there are two weight rooms and one large room for playing basketball, football and volleyball. Here is also located a big swimming pool for trainings with a volume of 51 cubic meters and a trainer that simulates a boat. In the same building there is a sauna with a mini-pool.

In the training center are conducted classes with junior and youthful teams in the permanent conditions of training sessions. Among the students of the centre there are quite a lot of not only participants of the Olympic Games, but finalists, who received silver and bronze medals. Nowadays eight coaches, most of whom have the highest category, conduct the educational process at the Department of academic rowing.

On the territory of the sports complex is located a hotel under the name of “Sail”, it accommodates 61 people. Here can stay not only sportsmen who come here for competitions or training sessions, but also tourists and people coming on business trips. The hotel works twenty-four-hour. An equally important part of the infrastructure of the complex is a cafe “Volna” (Wave). It is a pretty cozy and pleasant establishment, which accommodates up to 100 people. It has a summer outdoor terrace for a pleasant stay in the open air in the nice warm weather. The café is open daily from 12 o’clock midnight, but on Thursday, Friday and Saturday the working time is extended to 2 a.m.

The building of Vitebsk Regional Center of Olympic reserve has a good location: near it are located the famous attractions of the city, one of which is Polotsk Cathedral of St. Sophia – a popular place among tourists and travelers. It is very easy to get to the sports complex: it will take a 5 minute walk from the station.




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