The Center of Olympic reserve in Zhlobin

Zhlobin, Zhlobin, K. Marksa, 3/1

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It is one of the best sports objects not only in Gomel region but in the whole Belarus. Zhlobin Center of Olympic reserve was opened in 2007, today here are trained about 1000 young people. 35 coaches prepare future stars of sport. The whole work of the sports center is aimed at growing up in its walls a change to national teams in ice hockey, swimming, rowing, rowing and canoing. In addition, here is instilled love of physical culture into children, teenagers, students, etc.

The home area of Zhlobin “Metallurg”

The Ice Palace of Zhlobin is a part of the complex of the Center of Olympic reserve. Here, naturally, are held hockey matches of unofficial tournaments, tournaments of international importance, in addition, sportsmen of the championship of Belarus play on the ice rink. The main hockey team of Zhlobin – “Metallurg” – is based and trains in this Ice Palace. In 2012 the club won the Cup of the Republic of Belarus. Here are trained both a senior staff, and junior teams – altogether over three hundred and a half ice hockey players.  

In free from trainings and studies time the ice is open for mass skating, here are often held large-scale concerts and shows. The building of the Ice Palace is equipped with two weight rooms, here work fitness instructors who devise individual training and nutrition programmes.   

The only aqua park in the whole Gomel region

Not only residents of Zhlobin but of the whole Gomel region arrive at Karl Marx Street, 3/1. Here is located the only aqua park in the region, another part of Zhlobin Center of Olympic reserve.  While designing the building architects turned to the best foreign analogues of such sports complexes and leading experts. In 2009 the aqua park in Zhlobin was named the best tourist attraction of the 7thRepublican tourist contest “Discover Belarus”.  

Sportsmen from neighbouring countries come to Zhlobin pools to train 

Swimming tracks in the pool of the Olympic reserve Center in Zhlobin reach 50 meters in length – it is an Olympic distance.  Therefore here are trained future stars of Belarusian swimming, since 2006 here have often been coming sportsmen from Russia – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Podolsk, Bryansk and Voronezh.

The pool consists of two bowls: a small bowl (6x12 meters), where are trained young swimmers, in addition, here is organized swimming for city residents, and a large one (25х50 meters), also designed for the training process, strengthen the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system. The area is well equipped, here are held both trainings and competitions of various scale. 250 young sportsmen are engaged in swimming.   

Since 2010 sportsmen have been training at the rowing base in Zhlobin. Over 100 young people are engaged in rowing. In 2012 the Center of Olympic reserve expanded its capabilities – here appeared a ski and roller trail with a length of 2.5 km. Now in Zhlobin is being built another Ice arena, it is expected that it will receive up to 500 spectators. 

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