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A new cozy sport complex called "Olimpiets" in Mogilev appeared in summer of 2005. Then the city earned the regional center of the Olympic reserve for athletics and game sports. Completely commissioned the building was introduced only a year later.

Mogilev "Olimpiets" - one of the most large-scale modern buildings in Belarus. The sport complex, built in accordance with all international standards, amazes with its multifunctionality and practicality. The tribunes of the athletics arena and the hall, where matches of game sports pass, accommodate 2740 spectators. In addition to the necessary sports equipment, a billiard room, fitness and gym, there are cafes, where you will be fed the dishes of Belarusian and European cuisine, bar, sauna, press conference hall are located in the building. Here, for all comers, there are a tennis court, playgrounds for table tennis, and group classes are held daily for bodyfax, pilates and aerobics in the fitness room. In the schedule of events held at the sport complex "Olimpiets", both sports-mass, and cultural-entertaining - there are also big concerts. Near the sport complex is equipped ample and practical parking.

Each sports facility of the Olympic Reserve Center is a small part of a well-coordinated system of professionals` training.

The modern sport center is located on an area of ​​almost 19 thousand square meters. The sizes of sports grounds without taking into account ancillary and administrative premises, tribunes and locker rooms - more than 8 thousand square meters.

The area of ​​the athletics arena is about 5,300 square meters, it includes 4 circular 200-meter tracks, 8 straight 60-meter tracks, and a safety zone of 20 meters. In the arena there are 2 sectors for jumping in height with landing zones and sectors for pole vaulting, jumps in length, triple jumps, here is also a training area for throwing. The hall of game kinds of sports occupies 1380 sq.m. It is equipped with tribunes for spectators on both sides of the playground. There are handball, volleyball, basketball games, matches in mini-football and futsal, table tennis. On the same ground, the fights of the Greco-Roman wrestlers, sambo, boxing and judo are unfolding, and competitions in sports dances are held.

Two gyms occupy about 260 square meters of total area. The area for general physical training is 704 sq.m., the hall for playing billiards is 490, the fitness room is 140 sq.m. Each of the grounds is constantly involved in the training of sportsmen, a decent reserve of teams; they also regularly hold training sessions, workouts and competitions of various scale. The sport complex is also open for visiting Mogilev residents - individual and group training sessions are open, highly qualified trainers work. "Olimpiets" is located at the street of 30 years of Victory, 1a, works without days off.

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