The Republican Center for Olympic Training in Winter Sports "Raubichi"

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The sports complex is an ideal place for leisure activities with the whole family. "Raubichi" is a truly unique complex for Belarus, which has glory throughout the world. This is not surprising, because, along with family rest, it offers many opportunities for sporting events, including world-class events.

The idea of ​​creating

When the International Biathlon Federation was faced in 1972 with the task of finding the best place to host the upcoming World Cup, many options were considered. It was necessary to find the optimal ratio of a mild climate and a suitable terrain with a rugged terrain. And the choice fell on Belarus, namely the forest near the village of Raubichi, from which the name of the sports complex was 20 km from Minsk.

The area of ​​50 hectares is rightly called "Belarusian Switzerland". Ski runs pass through picturesque forests, where you can see the river Usozhu, and the complex itself is a mini-country where you can find everything. There is even a local museum.

The official opening of the "Raubichi" occurred just a few days before the championship, on January 24, 1974. The construction was carried out in a rather short time, but the quality of the sports complex did not suffer from this. This is the merit of the project manager - Aladov.

Subsequently, many international and national competitions in biathlon, cross-country skiing, freestyle and other sports were held here. It's no wonder that back in 1982, Raubichi became the owner of the prestigious golden UIPMB badge, which was awarded for services in providing the most comfortable conditions for sporting events (in this case it was biathlon).

Today, the sports complex belongs to the highest category of such institutions, which allows you to hold almost any type of competition and cups here.

Structure of the complex

For many years, the Raubichi complex has not changed, since it initially provided all necessary infrastructure. For professional sportsmen and fans of active pastime a 20 km track, a biathlon shooting range for 30 installations, the famous K-74 trampoline, a freestyle slope, as well as an indoor skating rink that has already been widely used for hockey, speed skating and other competitions "Ice" sports.

Not only winter sports are famous for the sports complex. In the summer at your disposal are several well-equipped gyms, bicycle rental, tennis courts. To relax, you can organize a hike in the sauna or bath, which is part of the local medical center.

Of course, in view of the relative distance from the big cities, all the conditions for comfortable living of a large number of people have been created on the territory of the Raubichi. In particular, there are 2 hotels and a whole camp for 16 houses. In your spare time you can visit a local cafe, bar-pizzeria or taste national dishes from talented chefs in the restaurant. If you want, you can organize a rest for the whole team, as there are all possibilities for holding receptions and banquets.

The sports complex "Raubichi" is really multifunctional and meets the requirements of both discerning world athletes and families with young children.

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