Gomel regional center of the Olympic reserve of martial arts

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Gomel regional center of the Olympic reserve of martial arts

For attention of caring parents who want to the energy of their restless child in the right direction, the Gomel regional center of the Olympic reserve of martial arts is offered where their child will learn to box well. And even if Mohammed Ali does not work out of it in the future, then the child will be able to stand up for himself for sure, thanks to the excellent preparation. It is remarkable that the activity of Gomel complex are not limited only by boxing and taekwondo, offering the conquest of such popular sports areas as checkers, chess and table tennis. On the base of the Gomel Center, there are many useful services, fr om fitness classes with a personal instructor to themed wedding photo sessions, when a boxing outfit is provided specially for the newlyweds, thanks to which the photos will be interesting and unusual.

The center in Gomel counts personal activity since 1989. At that time the complex had a slightly different specialization and was a small school based on the sports committee of the region for boxing specialization. The opened center developed because in those days such kind of sport, like boxing, began to hit stride at the expense of the arrival of popular specialists from Russia to Gomel, introducing boxing to the masses. Their big names, beginning with Baranov V.P. and ending with Skachkov V.I., that are known to all fans of this sport. It is noteworthy that together with the experts came the popular sportsmen who repeatedly glorified the Gomel region at numerous international competitions.

Then the institution was reorganized and reformed more than once, until in the spring of 2015, by the decision of the local executive committee, the current martial arts center emerged, perfectly functioning even now. If previously popular in the Soviet times, the center was engaged in the introduction to the mass of boxing, but now the competence of the institution has expanded significantly due to numerous sports, from judo to taekwondo.

There are two complexes of Gomel on the base of the popular institution on the streets of Stolyarnaya and Lepeshinsky, as well as an uninterruptedly functioning branch of Rechitsa. So, if you consider the center of the street of Stolyarnaya, then it is a spacious hall, excellent training equipment, stands that can accommodate almost two hundred spectators, a small cozy hotel with friendly service. The center is equipped with everything the sportsman needs: medical service, recreation areas, a modern swimming pool. If it is a center of the Lepeshinsky street, then it is a two-storied building, wh ere on each floor there are two halls, training apparatus, a medical room with necessary things for the recovery and rehabilitation of sportsmen. The center in Rechitsa is staffed in a similar way to the Gomel ones, beginning with a spacious hall and locker rooms, ending with the training equipment and auxiliary rooms.

With the Gomel Center of martial arts, the dream of professionally boxing will become a reality without any difficulty!

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