The sports club “Urozhay” (Harvest)

ar. Novka, Smetanina, 16a

Sports complex

The description of the sports club “Urozhay” (Harvest) in Vitebsk region

Vitebsk region is not inferior on the level of sport development to other regions of Belarus. Here special attention is paid to a healthy lifestyle and accustoming young people to sports. On the territory of Vitebsk region there are many complexes, schools and other institutions of sport direction. One of such complexes is the sports club “Urozhay” (Harvest). It was founded in 2008 and since then it has been actively engaged in its work.  

The activity of the sports club takes place on the territory of the agro-town of Novka. This town has its own complex of the club which provides a great variety of services both for sportsmen and people with an active lifestyle and for those who want just to relax. On the territory of the complex there is a large stadium with a football field, a building for playing hockey in winter as well as outdoor fields for playing volleyball and basketball.

In the covered part of the sports complex there is a large gym, which is provided for playing volleyball, football, streetball, big-time and table tennis as well as for conducting various competitions of not only game sports and in athletics. Also this part includes a fitness hall. Here is located a large weight room with a variety of trainers. A visit to the weight room is accompanied by an individual approach to every visitor, but group classes are also provided. It is possible to visit the weight room by a subscription or to use one-time classes. Group classes are held in different areas - aerobics, dancing, cardio workouts. In this part of the complex there is a children's room that will allow considering this complex as a place for a family holiday. After playing sports a little you can relax in a sauna located near the weight room.

In the walls of the complex “Urozhay” (Harvest) operates a recovery center offering a wide range of services for visitors. Convenient conditions are provided for them: self-selection of a suitable time, a flexible system of payment, availability of subscriptions providing for a discount. The center also has an active recreation area for Billiards lovers.

The complex offers services of equipment hire. Here you can hire catamarans, boats, kayaks, camping gear, balls, bicycles, scooters, roller skates, and in winter – skates and skis. In winter here are held mass skating and skiing. To create a cozier and warmer atmosphere on weekends sounds nice music and hot drinks are available.

The sports club “Urozhay” (Harvest) has a recreation area on Lake Sosno where you can to ride on a catamaran, boat or kayak. Also visitors can spend time enjoying water attractions and visit an unusual island of Love.  

Having visited the complex of the sports club “Urozhay” (Harvest), visitors will have a lot of pleasant memories and positive emotions, because not every complex offers such a wide and diverse range of recreational services.

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