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Orsha, Orsha, Lenina, 39

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The sports club “Orsha” is a state institution, which was founded in the end of the spring of 2014 by separation from the main education Department of sport and tourism of Orsha district of a separate Central sports complex (the sports club of Orsha district) for sports and health-improving work with the population.

The club sets before itself such aims as attracting people to a healthy lifestyle, takes responsibility for conducting recreation, sports and mass work with the population within Orsha district and conducts official and ceremonial sporting events.

The sports club “Orsha” sets before itself the following tasks:

  • To organize leisure and active holidays for residents of the district;
  • To promote sport, physical education and  healthy lifestyles;
  • To improve people’s health with the help of sports and physical education;
  • To provide health services to people, both on free and fee bases.
  • The description of objects of the sports club “Orsha”

On the basis of the sports club “Orsha” work 22 instructors, each of whom is an experienced specialist. Depending on the direction and age categories of the population there is a flexible system of payment for paid treatments.

For the population of Orsha district the club has many complexes and sport buildings:The city stadium on Lenin Street, 39. Here is located a large football field, running track for athletics, several tennis courts and an area for playing mini football. Close to the stadium there is a spacious car park.
The stadium in the town of Baran on Orshanskaya Street, 7. The stadium includes a running track for athletics, a football field and a small weight room. In summer it is possible to rent catamarans and in winter – skates.
The stadium in the borough of Bolobasovo on Gritsevets Street, 19. This stadium offers visitors a weight room, a football field and running tracks around it.
The sports complex in Orsha on Perekopskaya Street, 58a. It consists of a field for playing field hockey, a running track for athletics and a weight room.
The sports complex in Orsha on Yakubovsky Street, 77. This complex is the most diverse and largest of all existing subordinates of the sports club “Orsha”. This complex has a swimming pool, where are held classes in aquaaerobics, swimming as well as a sporting reserve is prepared here. There is also a gym for playing volleyball, basketball and mini football. In the building of the complex it is possible to play billiards and table tennis as well as to visit a weight room.  
The sports and recreation center in the agro-town of Babanichi on Sportivnaya Street, 16. It offers to the population a gym and a weight room.
The sports and recreation center in the agro-town of Zubovo on Pochtovaya Street, 2a. for visitors of this complex there is a gym and a weight room. After playing sports you can visit a relaxing sauna.  

The most popular sports among the population are table tennis, tennis, swimming, mini football, volleyball, football, shaping, billiards, hockey and figure skating. You can go in for any of these sports by visiting any of the proposed sports complexes, which are open daily from 8 to 22 o'clock.

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