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Slytsk, st. Paris Commune, 2-1
  • Type: Shopping center

Shopping Center "Mayak" is a paradise for the whole family when it comes to full-scale purchases and fun pastime.

Lida, st. Letnaya, 4
  • Type: Shopping center

In the shopping center Potsdam, guests and city residents are sent when they need to buy quality goods at low prices.

Soligorsk, st. Zheleznodorgnaya, 21
  • Type: Shopping center

The shopping center “Gallery” is a sample of a first-class place for shopping and entertainment in Soligorsk.

Soligorsk, st. Zheleznodorognaya, 48A
  • Type: Shopping center

The Zerkalo shopping center is familiar to the Soligorsk residents by a large selection of goods and services and affordable prices.

Baranovichi, st. Sovetskaya 74a
  • Type: Shopping center

Shopping center "Tsentralny" - a place for great shopping, chats with friends and entertainment.

Borisov, st. III International, 5
  • Type: Hypermarket

Shopping center "Korona Borisov" invites for fresh products and household goods.

Borisov, Revolution Avenue, 17
  • Type: Supermarket

The Slavyansky supermarket invites the residents of Borisov and the guests of the city to shop.

Pinsk , st. Gorky, 55
  • Type: Shopping center

The Pinsky Passage shopping center is the very first place that comes to mind when it comes to shopping in Pinsk.

Pinsk , Brestskaya, 135
  • Type: Shopping center

Shopping center "Park" offers a wide range of goods and services for various purposes and price categories.

Polotsk, st. Gogol, 16
  • Type: Shopping center

A favorite place for city dwellers when it comes to quality items at low prices.

Polotsk, Oktyabrskaya St. 23
  • Type: Market

A large number of shops and pavilions for different purposes are waiting for you to shop at Streletsky.

Polotsk, Vilnius highway.1
  • Type: Shopping center

A large shopping center with the ability to not only buy a variety of goods, but also to have fun.

Minsk, Str. Uman 54
  • Type: Shopping center

GLOBO Shopping Center is one of the largest in Minsk. More than 200 shops, such as Buslik, Electrosila, Rublevskoye and many others are waiting for you!

Kalinkovichi , 50 years of October st., 83-2
  • Type: Shopping center

Big shopping center "Global Market" in Kalinkovichi will satisfy the needs of any buyer.

Slonim, Pervomayskaya st., 4
  • Type: Shopping center

There is a large number of stores in the "Arena" shopping center in Slonim so you can buy goods for various purposes.

Osipovichi, Sumchenko st., 63b
  • Type: Shopping center

In the City Mall shopping center in Osipovichi you can buy goods for every taste and find everything you need at the moment.

Kobrin, Dzerzhinsky str., 68
  • Type: Shopping center

Shopping center "Alisa" in Kobrin is a fusion of shops of various purposes, where you can buy goods for every taste.

Kobrin, Nikolaeva str., 50
  • Type: Shopping center

The largest shopping center "Polesie" in Kobrin provides opportunities to buy goods for every taste, tasty snack and relax with the baby in the nursery.

Mozir, Sovetskaya street 138
  • Type: Grocery

small cosmetic shop, cosmetics of different types.

Mozir, Malinina street 1b
  • Type: Shopping center

In the mall center there are: Digital supermarket, furniture store