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Exhibitions, Fairs, Festivities

Ruddy pancakes with the heat, sports, children's games and contests, folk fun – «pillar», the traditional Maslenitsa lottery. The guests of the holiday are waiting for jokes, folk amusements and nursery rhymes. During the program, we propose to touch on each of the days of the Maslenitsa week and, accordingly, to hold draws with the participants of this festive celebration for each day. Contests and sweepstakes are designed for the active participation of all visitors: both adults and children. All contests and sweepstakes are held using bright Shrovetide props. The final, final event will be the general Shrovetide round dance «Forgiveness Sunday» with the observance of the rituals inherent in this day and the burning of the effigy of Shrovetide. Throughout the program, soloists and animators work in live performance - the ringleaders of jokes and fun.

GUK «Voronovsky district center of culture and folk art»

Tel.: + 375 159 421464, + 375 159 420492

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