Tankman Day


08.09.2018 - 08.09.2018


Tankist Day

On September 8, 2018, with the support of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus, the "Tankman Day" event will be held on the territory of the historical and cultural complex "Stalin's Line"!

This professional holiday is traditionally one of the most revered holidays in the army. At IKK "Stalin's Line" he is given special attention, because It is here that the original running technique is widely represented, which became the symbols of this day: T-34, BT-7 and KV-1 tanks. Also of interest for fans of rare military equipment are German tanks Panzer III, Panzer 38 (t), the original self-propelled German StuG III assault gun, which will participate in the military historical reconstruction of the "Battles at Yelnya" (1941).

The demonstration performance of the Belarusian team in tank biathlon involving the T-72 tank and the demonstration run of the competitive show on BMP-1 with elements of the reconstruction of the Afghan war will add unforgettable emotions to our guests.

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